As Diplomats Discuss Iraq, 86 Are Killed across Country

Diplomats from 30 countries met in Paris today to discuss the Islamic State situation in Iraq. The Kurdish Peshmerga Ministry held its own meeting with representatives from seven countries. Attacks and battles left at least 86 dead and 22 wounded.

In Baghdad, the number of crimes and kidnappings has risen as security forces turn their attention to the militants. The Shi’ite militias that have replaced them in the city often contribute to the problem instead of alleviating it. Many gangs are thought linked to the Islamic State itself.

Meanwhile, a car bomb killed three and wounded 15 more in Abu Dsheer. Another car bomb wounded seven in a minibus. A civilian was gunned down in Bayaa.

In Mosul, three young men were executed by militants. Gunmen killed two militants.

A civilian was shot dead in Yusufiya.

U.S. airstrikes moved closer to Baghdad. A militant location southwest of the capital was bombed.

Clashes broke out in Duluiya. More clashes took place near the Tikrit University.

In Jurf al-Sakhar, 18 militants were killed. Nearby 22 militants in Afghan uniforms were killed.

Sixteen militants were killed, including several leaders, during operations in the Hamrin Basin over the last 10 days.

Airstrikes in Tal Afar left 10 militants dead.

Airstrikes killed eight militants in al-Sger.

Two militants were shot dead at one of their checkpoints near Jalula.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.