ISIS Releases Some Kidnapping Victims; 52 Killed Across Iraq

In rare good news, the Islamic State militants freed almost half of the people they kidnapped yesterday. The number of casualties was relatively low today, but at least 52 were killed. Another 38 were wounded.

Twenty of the 50 people kidnapped by Islamic State militants in Tal Ali yesterday were released. One appeared to have been tortured.

Eleven more bodies were found in Suleiman Bek, just a day after 24 were found. They were buried in groups of about six each.

A suicide bomber in Ameriya killed three soldiers and wounded nine civilians.

Three soldiers were killed and nine more were wounded in a roadside blast at Camp Speicher.

In Baghdad, a bomb killed three people and wounded nine more. Mortars left two dead and five wounded.

In Mosul, ISIS/DAASH militants executed three women. A U.S. airstrike left four militants dead and six wounded.

Nine truck drivers were kidnapped near the Trebil border crossing.

Tribal fighters killed seven militants in Haditha.

Peshmerga forces in Bashik killed six militants.

In Ramadi, tribal fighters and soldiers killed six militants.

Three militants were killed near Gwar.

Airstrikes were conducted in al-Sger and Garma.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.