Bombers Return to Baghdad; 212 Killed, 184 Wounded

Baghdad and two cities south of the capital suffered from a number of bombs targeting civilians. Across the country, at least 212 people and 184 more were wounded.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister-Designate Haider al-Abadi cautioned militias to stop acting independently. The warning comes three days after Shi’ite militias purportedly shot up a Sunni mosque in Imam Weis.

In Baghdad, a suicide bomber killed 15 people during noon prayers in the Baghdad al-Jadida district and wounded at least 32 more. A roadside bomb targeting police in Doura instead killed three civilians and wounded 11 more. Also in Doura, a sticky bomb killed a civilian. Two people were killed and 10 were wounded during a blast in Shabb. Bombs in the Kadhimiya and Utifiya neighborhoods killed three people and wounded 15 more.

Twelve people were killed and 31 more were wounded in a Karbala car bombing.

Another car bomb killed 11 people and wounded 26 more in Hilla.

In Mosul, three dead women were found.

Three dumped bodies were found in Kirkuk.

Militants beheaded three policemen in Qayara.

In Mahmoudiya, a roadside bomb wounded three civilians.

A bomb injured a shepherd who was tending to his sheep in Iskandariya.

Peshmerga forces stopped the Islamic State from infiltrating Tuz. Seventeen militants were killed and 36 more were wounded. Two Peshmerga fighters were killed and four more were wounded.

In Falluja, 45 militants were killed and dozens more were injured during airstrikes. Security forces on the ground killed three more.

Ten militants were killed during airstrikes in Suleiman Bek.

In Garma, airstrikes killed 10 militants, including their leader.

Airstrikes in Khalidiya and Albu Bali left 43 militants dead.

More than 20 militants were killed during airstrikes in Duluiya.

In Jalawla, a militant leader and two aides were killed during an airstrike.

A clash in Himreen left two militants dead.

An operation in Haditha left many militant dead.

Airstrikes were implemented in Daquq, and in Baiji.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.