Hundreds Butchered by ISIS, Over A Hundred More Killed By Iraq Gov’t

Civilian and security forces suffered little today, but the Iraqi government reported that 147 militants were killed in various locations. Only one policeman was killed and 10 others were wounded. Meanwhile, ISIS released a video displaying part of their grim occupation.


The Islamic State released video footage of hundreds of dead bodies. The exact number is unclear as when the video was taken.

The United States is considering the sale of 5,000 Hellfire missiles to Iraq. There are concerns that the missiles could be used against civilians.

A U.S. judge ordered the seizure of Kurdish oil should the ship carrying it reach U.S. waters. The Kurdish government has been trying to sell oil overseas, but Baghdad has refused to allow it to do so independently. For its part, the U.S. government has tried to discourage other countries from buying the oil. The Kurds say they have a right to sell their own so long as Baghdad is shorting them on the money owed to them.


Islamic State militants blew-up a key bridge near Samarra that will make supplying Iraq troops north of the Tharthar Canal.

A policeman was killed and three others were wounded in Muqdadiya when a bomb exploded.

In Falluja, seven civilians were wounded in shelling.

Forty militants were killed in Duluiya.

Air strikes in Jurf al-Sakhar killed 35 militants.

Yazidis forces killed 24 militants in Sinjar.

Near the Baiji refinery, 15 militants were killed.

Fifteen militants were killed in Fadhiliya.

Clashes erupted in Garma. Ten militants were killed there or closer to Falluja.

Five militants were killed in Adhaim.

In Albu Bali, three militants were killed.

Suspected Syrian jets bombed locations near Qaim and the Horan Valley.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.