Over 200 Killed On Republic Day in Iraq

Monday was Republic Day in Iraq. The holiday commemorates the 1958 revolution. At least 215  people were reported killed and 34 more were wounded.


In northern Iraq, many Sunni Arabs say they are pleased with the way the Peshmerga forces have been protecting them from militants, which could mean they will vote to stay under the authority of the Kurdish government. Meanwhile, a Kurdish commander said that, so far, 54 Kurdish fighters have been killed and 350 have been wounded in fighting against militants.


Residents of Saidiya found the bodies of 12 Naqshabandiya Army members who were shot to death execution-style by Islamic State militants. Although the two groups were originally working in unison when the IS invaded Iraq, they have since had increasingly violent skirmishes. Because all security forces fled Saidiya when it was occupied, the residents were forced to bring the bodies in to the authorities at Muqdadiya.

Also in Saidiya, militants stormed a home where they killed a city official and wounded two of his sons. A former Ba’ath party official was shot dead.

In nearby Nawfal, seven NA members were killed in clashes against Iraqi forces. There, the alliance with IS appears to still function. Twelve civilians were executed yesterday.

Eight young men were executed in Shook al-Reem.

In Baghdad, four people were killed and 12 more were wounded by a blast in the Allawi district. A bomb in Bayaa killed another three people and wounded eight more. Ten militants were killed in an air strike. 

Seven bodies were found in Baquba.

Shelling left one person dead and seven injured in Falluja.

In Haditha, clashes left nine soldiers and 13 militants dead.

Eight people were killed and five were wounded in the bombing of a home in Saniya thought to belong to a militant.

In northern Hilla, 71 militants were killed.

Thirty people were bombed to death in Rutba.

An air force plane bombed Riyadh, killing 11 militants.

Imam Musafir police killed three militants.

One militant was killed as he was trying to blow up a pipeline in Baiji. Three more were killed in an air strike.

Clashes are ongoing in Duluiya.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for Antiwar.com since 2006.