Iraq Bloodshed: Over 400 Dead, Mostly Militants

At least 424 people were killed today and 19 more were wounded. All but nine of the fatalities were militants.


Iran‘s President Hassan Rouhani reiterated his willingness to intervene in order to protect Iraq’s religious shrines.

Saudi Arabia‘s foreign minister, Prince Saud al-Faisal, warned that Iraq is on the verge of a sectarian civil war but also said that it should be resolved internally. The Sunni country may be sending a message to its Shi’ite rival, Iran.

Militants are in the process of sowing goodwill across conquered territory in the north, but in Anbar, where it has been solidifying early gains, the group has started to enforce Sharia.

In Mosul, there are reports that the tomb of Arabic scholar Ali ibn al-Athir was destroyed. Athir’s historical accounts are still in print. He died in 1233. They also attacked the shrines of Younis and Shet. Two Biblical figures better known in the West as Jonah and Seth.

Christian sites have, so far, remained untouched. There are no solid plans to retake the city of two million. Apparently, it took only 100 militants for the city to fall.

Militants were reported to be arresting Kurdish civilians in Saidiya.


The Iraqi government said over 70 militants were killed in a failed attempt to overcome forces at the Baiji oil refinery. One of the casualties was a militant leader from Saudi Arabia. Internal sources at the refinery, however, said that militants controlled about 75 percent of the complex.

Security forces said they regained controlled of Saqlawiya after killing 250 militants.

In Tal Afar, at least 21 militants were killed during clashes in the Saray neighborhood. Huge losses were reported in other neighborhoods

Nineteen militants were killed during operations in Adhaim.

In Garma, a military airstrike on a weapons storehouse left six militants dead.

Security forces repulsed a militant incursion from Syria. The attack left 21 gunmen and four Iraqi troops dead. Another two security personnel were wounded.

Ten militants were killed in Albu Hazza.

In Tikrit, security forces killed 12 militants.

Security forces killed seven militants in Jurf al-Sakhar, just south of Baghdad.

Three militants were killed and six Peshmerga troops were wounded in Jalawla.

In Muqdadiya, two militants were killed.

Three militants were killed in Baghdad.

A large number of militants were killed in Hor al-Basha including one leader.

Four people were killed and 11 more were killed during shelling in Falluja.

In Madaen, a policeman was shot dead.

Fierce clashes took place in Saqlawiya.

Clashes also took place in Hit.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.