Northern Iraq Under Siege: 123 Killed, 261 Wounded

Two of today’s attacks focused on Kurdish political party offices, but this time the bombers targeted Tuz Khormato. Yesterday, bombers attacked an office in nearby Jalawla. Also, militants overran the provincial government building in Mosul. It is unclear how much of Mosul is occupied by militants at this point, but it is considerable. The city could fall within days, according to a senior security official. Also, Baghdad suffered a series of bombings. At least 123 people were killed and 261 were wounded.


In Ramadi, fifteen members of the University of Anbar are still unaccounted for after Saturday’s attack on the campus. A booby-trapped home exploded, killing five security personnel and wounding five more. A clash left three policemen dead and three wounded.

A rocket attack in Garma killed 10 people and wounded two more, including women and children.


A car bomb lured first responders and rubber-neckers to a truck bomb outside two political party offices in Tuz Khormato. At least 30 people were killed. Because the blasts also damaged nearby buildings, at least 185 people were wounded. This attack targeted a Patriotic Union of Kurdistan office and one belonging to the Kurdistan Communist Party. Yesterday, a PUK office was targeted in nearby Jalawla. Unrelated to the bombing, five people were kidnapped.

In Mosul, militants stormed the Ninewa provincial headquarters. Governor Atheel Nujaifi was inside the building during the attack but was able to escape. A suicide bomber killed three people and wounded 15 more at an army base. Authorities said 40 militants were killed, among there were four Afghans.

In Baghdad, a bomb killed a policeman. Gunmen killed a real estate agent. A bomb in Shabb killed two people and wounded 14 more. Two dumped bodies were found, one was headless. One person was killed and eight more were wounded by a blast in Ur. A bomb at the al-Falah crossroads left one dead and seven wounded. Two militants were killed. Gunmen shot and killed a civilian.

Gunmen killed four soldiers and two soldiers in Kanaan. A suicide bomber killed five people and wounded eight more, including civilians.

A late evening bomb blast in Sadr City killed four people and wounded nine more.

A clash left one policeman and one gunman dead in Buhriz.

In Baquba, a civilian was gunned down.

A truck driver’s body was found near Kirkuk hours after he was kidnapped.

Three bombs in Abu Saida wounded five soldiers.

An unknown number of militants were killed in Samarra.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.