Carnage Across Iraq Leaves 184 Killed, 183 Wounded

Militants continued their siege of Mosul today and also attack a university in Ramadi. Later in the day, Baghdad suffered from a series of bombings. Overall, at least 184 people were killed and 183 were wounded.


In Ramadi, militants attempted a takeover of the University of Anbar. The attack began when militants killed three police guards and then took hostage a number of students in a dormitory. Some of the students were removed from their rooms, but their fate is unclear. After a few hours, the militants simply left the campus. At least one student was killed, as were nine militants.

According to professors, the insurgents encouraged everyone to leave the campus. However, a few students were reported still on campus after the rest fled. One guard suggested the real goal was to take control of an area behind campus called Humaira. Occupying Humaira would allow for supply lines to be set up between Ramadi and Falluja.

A suicide bomber drover into a bridge near Ramadi, killing two soldiers and wounded five more.

Shelling left seven dead and 17 wounded in Falluja.

Gunmen in Rutba killed a policeman and wounded two more.


In Mosul, continued fighting left 41 police and 27 militants dead. Over sixty more security members were wounded. Morgue officials said many bodies are still lying in the streets. At least eight more civilians were killed since fighting began yesterday, and 15 civilians were wounded. Of the dead policemen, it appears that 21 of them were captured and executed.

Large numbers of residents are fleeing the city; however, ISIS/DAASH controls most of the routes in the areas. Many are instead taking shelter at schools. The provincial council called on the Kurdistan Regional Government to reinforce Peshmerga troops already stationed in Nineva province. The Iraqi Army has launched air strikes.

In Baghdad, a bomb killed 23 people and wounded at least eight more at a billiards hall in the Bayaa district. Two people were killed and six more were wounded by a bomb in western Baghdad. A bomb near a cinema in Baghdad al-Jadida killed three and wounded 14 more. Three people were killed and 11 more were wounded in a blast in Amil. In Ur, a bomb killed two people and wounded six more. Four people were killed and 15 were wounded in a blast at the Babylon Hotel in Karrada. A bomb in Shurta IV killed two people and wounded nine more. At least seven other bombs killed 27 people and wounded 5 more.

Two roadside bombs near Baiji killed four soldiers and wounded five more.

Four suicide bombers were killed in Baquba, where two car bombs were disarmed. Last night, a car bomb killed one security member and wounded five more. Authorities believe that recent attacks in the city were meant to help free prominent ISIS/DAASH members from incarceration.

Seven militants were killed in Latifiya.

In Abu Rqaiba, two militants were killed.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.