Iraqi Gov’t Releases April Casualty Figures As 32 More Iraqis Are Killed

As April comes to a close, several groups have reported the casualty figures for the month. The most comprehensive figure comes from, where at least 2,034 people were counted as killed and 2,337 more were reported wounded. Meanwhile, 32 people were killed today and another 16 were wounded.

The UN Assistance Mission for Iraq released its casualty figures for April. They counted 750 dead across Iraq, except in Anbar province, where figures are unreliable. Another 1,541 were injured. Anbar’s Health Department tallied up only civilian casualties. They counted 135 dead and 525 wounded. Together, the figures are 885 killed and 2,066 injured.

The Iraqi government listed 1,009 killed (881 of them civilians), while Agence France Presse counted 765 dead. At least 1,375 were injured according to government sources. They also reported 112 dead insurgents. counted all reported deaths, including those that occurred in Anbar. These figures are gleaned from several media sources. At least 1,041 civilians and security personnel were killed, which is in line with the government tally. Another 2,216 were wounded which is close the figure achieved by combing the United Nations and Anbar figures.

Another 993 insurgents, bombers and gunmen were also reported killed. Also, two people were executed by the government. Only 121 insurgents were reported wounded. This may be because most of the wounded escaped. However, there are reports that the Iraqi army is quick to kill any insurgent instead of taking them prisoner. The two set of figures combined mean that 2,034 were killed and 2,337 were wounded during the month.

Last month, at least 1,886 were killed and 2,186 were wounded. The higher figures this month may be due to election chaos.

In today’s attacks:

In Anbar:

A security operation left 10 militants dead and six more wounded in the Garma area.

Clashes took place near Ramadi.

Five civilians were kidnapped in Haditha.

Shelling left five dead and 10 wounded.


A bomb targeting police in Ishaqi killed two of them and wounded five more.

In Dibis, a roadside bomb killed an army lieutenant.

An air strike killed ten ISIL/DAASH member is Jurf al-Sakhar.

An al-Qaeda leader and three aides were killed during an operation in Mahmoudiya.

Clashes took place in Tikrit. Iraqi helicopters bombed suspected hideouts.

Warplanes bombed several locations in the Hamrin Mountains.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.