Anbar Gov’t Compound Targeted; 104 Killed, 95 Wounded Across Iraq

At least 104 people were killed today. Many of them were militants, but a large number of security forces and civilians were among the casualties. At least 95 people were wounded. The most significant attack was on a government compound housing the Anbar governor’s office and provincial council building.

In Anbar  

Two suicide bombers blew up one car each at two entrances to a government compound in Ramadi. Eight security members were killed and at least nine others were wounded. At a checkpoint, gunmen killed four policemen and wounded six others. Twelve gunmen were killed.

Four soldiers were killed and two more were wounded when a suicide bomber attacked a Jazeera checkpoint.

Shelling killed 16 civilians and wounded 19 more in Falluja.

Violent clashes occurred in Garma.


In Baghdad, three people were killed and nine more were wounded in the Mashtal neighborhood. Gunmen killed a man in Shabb. In Sabaa al-Bur, mortars killed two people and wounded 10 more. Three were killed and nine more were wounded in a bombing at a market, also in Sabaa al-Bour. One person was killed and six more were wounded in a blast in Ubaidi. Fifteen militants were killed in the Jisr Annaz area.

A bomb in Sadr City killed four people and wounded 11 more.

Two Sahwa members were shot and killed in Tikrit. A bomb wounded three civilians. Riots took place at a prison.

In Mosul, gunmen killed a policeman. A police colonel and his son were wounded in an attack. A bomb killed two security members and wounded two more.

A bomb in Kirkuk killed two people and wounded five more.

Two dumped bodies were discovered in Shirqat.

Five bombs blew up in Qara Tapa, but only two people were wounded.

Two gunmen were killed in Jurf al-Sakhar. Eight gunmen were killed in nearby areas. Armed clashes left an unknown number of casualties.

Four gunmen were killed in Taji.

Two militants were killed in Shura.

Security forces killed two gunmen in Baquba.

A gunman was killed in Adhaim.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.