51 Killed, 78 Wounded in Iraq Bombings, Clashes

At least 51 people were killed and 78 more were wounded in attacks and clashes across Iraq. Once again, the greater Baghdad area was the scene of multiple bombings, while Anbar province continued to suffer clashes between militants and security forces.


In Falluja, shelling left one civilian dead and four more wounded, including children. Twelve militants were killed in an operation.

Four soldiers were ambushed and killed in Ramadi. Security forces killed a man responsible for recruiting suicide bombers; his bodyguard was killed and another colleague was wounded.

A cement plant director and a Jordanian investor were kidnapped in Hit. A car bomb wounded two soldiers.

Clashes in Garma left two soldiers and three militants dead, while another soldier was left with injuries. Five militants were killed in an operation.

Gunmen wounded two border guards near the al-Walid border post.


In Baghdad, a bomb killed two people and wounded 10 more in Jisr Diyala. A roadside bomb targeting a minibus in Zaafaraniya killed one person and wounded seven more. Three people were killed and five more were wounded when a car bomb exploded in Ghazaliya. In Shabb, a bomb killed one person and wounded three more.

A bombing in nearby Mahmoudiya killed one person and wounded five more.

Four people were killed and 13 more were wounded by a blast in Karbala.

A pair of blasts in Hilla left three dead and 13 wounded.

In Mosul, security forces killed a gunman. Gunmen killed two policemen. A militant was killed.

A bombing in Haswa killed one person. Two other people were wounded in a separate blast.

In Wassit province, a bomb killed one person and wounded four others.

A bomb planted on a car in Wajihiya killed a local councilman.

A pair of bombs wounded six people in Taj al-Din.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for Antiwar.com since 2006.