52 Killed, 30 Wounded As Dumped Bodies Are Recovered Across Iraq

At least 52 Iraqis were killed and 30 more wounded in attacks. Dumped bodies were found in at least three cities. In one attack, men wearing military uniforms rounded up the victims.

The bodies of 18 men were found dumped in Mashahda. Among the victims were two tribal chiefs, an army major, and several policemen. The kidnappers were masquerading as security personnel who were taking away the victims for questions.

Seven mutilated bodies were discovered around Qadisiya. Earlier their bomb-stuffed heads were found at a Tikrit soccer field and defused.

In Baghdad, gunmen stormed a Zayouna neighborhood home, possibly a brothel, where they killed a man and six women. In another home invasion, insurgents killed a woman by hanging her. In Nahrawan, a bomb killed one person and wounded seven others at a livestock market. Sticky bombs killed two government employees. The dumped bodies of three women were discovered. Five people were killed and nine were wounded in a blast at a Radwaniya soccer field. At least one more woman was killed.

Gunmen in Saidiya killed two people.

A rocket killed two soldiers in Shura.

In Mosul, a sticky bomb killed the mayor of the Hammam al-Alil district.

In Abu Ghraib, a bomb killed one person and wounded four others.

Six people were wounded in a blast at their home in Gatoun.

An I.E.D. in Zab wounded four soldiers, one of them a lieutenant.

A car bomb was found by the side of a highway in Salah ad Din province. Inside the car, security forces discovered a man’s body.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for Antiwar.com since 2006.