Northern Iraq Suffers Bombing Attacks; 51 Killed, 97 Wounded

A suicide vest bomber attacked a group of people waiting to buy bread from a Tuz Khormato bakery. He was followed, moments later, by a suicide car bomber, who attacked responders to the first blast. In total, 32 people were killed and 68 more were wounded.

A car bomb in Tal Afar killed three people and wounded 20 more.

In Baghdad, gunmen killed a government employee in the Doura neighborhood. A man was shot dead and his wife was wounded in Risala. In New Baghdad, gunmen killed a civilian, while two Sahwa members were wounded in a separate shooting.

A gunman was killed while trying to attack a policeman’s home in Shora.

In Mosul, a teacher was shot down. Clashes left one policeman dead and another wounded. A kidnapping victim was liberated and handed over to his parents.

Four policemen were gunned down in Shirqat.

A university employee was shot dead near Baquba. A cleric and his relative were also gunned down.

In Haswa, a bomb killed a soldier and wounded another.

A roadside bomb in Nasariya wounded a woman and child.

Gunmen wounded two people in Balad Ruz.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.