78 Killed, 53 Wounded in Ongoing Iraq Horror

In the last few days, coordinated attacks across the western province of Anbar have left a significant number of casualties, particularly among security personnel. At least 78 Iraqis were killed and 53 more were wounded.

Rutba was again the unfortunate target for suicide bombers, as clashes continued. The first bomber killed at least five policemen. A second suicide bomber killed four policemen and three lorry drivers. Three more policemen were killed in another attack. At least four civilians were wounded.

Fourteen policemen were kidnapped and killed on a highway near Ramadi.

In Sajjariya, three policemen were shot dead.

Further north in Mosul, six people were shot dead. Five women and two children were killed in a blast at a mall that also left 12 wounded. Five people were shot to death yesterday.

A bomb in Baaj killed three people, one of them a civilian.

Gunmen killed a policeman and wounded three more at a Dayom checkpoint.

In Baghdad, a bomb in the Ameriya neighborhood left four dead and 11 wounded. Two people were killed and seven more were wounded in Shula.

Two shoppers were killed and eight more were wounded in a blast at a store in Abu Ghraib. A sticky bomb killed one person.

Five people were killed and 13 more were wounded in Madaen when a bomb exploded.

Gunmen killed a man in an Abu Saida orchard.

Two Sahwa members were killed after they were kidnapped from the Hawija homes.

Two bombs wounded five people in Baquba.

A suicide bomber killed four policemen and wounded two more in Mussayab.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for Antiwar.com since 2006.