16 Killed in Iraq, Kirkuk Targeted in Blasts

At least 16 people were killed and 44 more were wounded in fresh attacks. Kirkuk suffered three bomb attacks alone.

In Kirkuk, two people were killed and 20 more were wounded in two blasts. A car bomb wounded five more people. An al-Qaeda commander was captured during an attempt to collect ransom money; the fate of the kidnap victim was not reported.

Security forces killed an al-Qaeda leader in Mosul during an arrest attempt that turned into a clash; one soldier was killed and three more were wounded. Insurgents blew up the unoccupied home of a former governor and wounded two neighbor girls.

In Haswa, three Sahwa members were killed and two more were wounded when gunmen attacked their checkpoint; one gunman was killed and another was wounded.

An I.E.D. at a Muqdadiya shop left two dead and five wounded.

One of three bombs in Qadisiya left a policeman’s son dead and a daughter wounded.

A sheikh was shot dead in Garma.

Gunmen killed a civilian in Falluja.

In Shirqat, an I.E.D. killed two Sahwa members and wounded two more. A gunman was killed when a bomb in his car exploded.

A man and his 10-year-old son were wounded in a stabbing attack in Mahaweel.

Gunmen in Tikrit wounded a contractor.

A kidnapping victim was rescued in Baghdad.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for Antiwar.com since 2006.