Iraq Pipeline, Shrine Bombed As 16 Are Killed in Other Attacks

Although no major bombings took place, the usual background violence took at least 16 lives. At least 36 were also wounded. In northern Iraq a shrine and a pipeline were bombed in separate attacks, but no causalities were reported.

In Mosul, two Peshmerga were killed and two more were wounded when roadside bomb exploded. Another bomb killed a civilian and wounded two others. Four bodyguards were wounded in a bomb attack against Nineva’s police chief. A counter-terrorism officer was gunned down. Gunmen wounded a policeman protecting electrical works.

A Sahwa leader and two bodyguards were killed in an attack on his home in Madaen.

A bomb in Badush killed two soldiers and wounded four civilians.

In Tikrit, two policemen were killed and an officer was wounded in a roadside bombing. A roadside bomb wounded two civilians. A bomb killed a chauffer and wounded a police officer.

A bomb planted in a car killed an army captain in Baghdad.

An attack on a Sahwa’s home in Abu Ghraib left two dead, his son and a cousin.

A policeman was killed in Falluja during a drive-by shooting.

In Tuz, a bomb at a school left nine wounded. Insurgents blew up a shrine , but no casualties were reported.

An old landmine wounded three teenage shepherds near Nasariya.

Three policemen were wounded in a bomb blast in Hawija.

A blast wounded three people, including a civilian in Muqdadiya.

A sticky bomb wounded a civilian in Arbil.

A pipeline in northern Iraq was bombed.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.