Monday Mayhem: 133 Killed, 283 Wounded in Iraq

Updated at 8:15 p.m. EDT, May 20, 2013

Coordinated bombing attacks resumed today. At least ten blasts were seen in the capital alone, and a pair of rare explosions occurred far south in Basra. Both Sunni and Shi’ites targeted in them. Overall, at least 133 people were killed and 283 more were wounded, but the figures are likely to rise. Some of the dead and wounded were Iranian pilgrims.

Twelve policemen were killed and four were wounded during a raid in Anbar province. Security forces were trying to liberate policemen who had been kidnapped two days ago. It is unclear how many of the casualties were victims or security forces. Five of the kidnapping victims had been discovered dead yesterday. A political candidate was kidnapped in Rawa today. In better news, three abductees from Karbala were released.

In Baghdad, a bomb at a Shabb marketplace left 14 dead and 24 wounded. A blast in Jisr Diyala killed two people and wounded 34. In Shoala, two people were killed and 16 more were wounded in an explosion at a market. A bomb in Ilam killed two people and wounded 15 more. Two people were killed and 11 more were wounded in Kamaliya. In Zaafaraniya, a blast wounded seven people. Five people were wounded in Kadhimiya when a bomb exploded in a garage near Aden Square. A blast in al-Shurta al-Rabeaa wounded 10 people. Three people were wounded in an explosion in Saba Bour. At least 26 more were killed in the attacks and another 29 were wounded.

Thirteen people were killed and 50 more were wounded in two separate bombings in Basra.

A blast targeting a bus carrying Iranian pilgrims in Balad killed 14 people and wounded 13 more. Iraqis were among the casualties.

Thirteen Sahwa members were killed and nine more were wounded in a blast that took place as they gathered to collect their salaries in Samarra.

In Hilla, a car bomb at a Shi’ite mosque and husseiniya killed 12 and wounded 26 more 256

Eight policemen were killed in Zgerdan.

In Mosul, two soldiers were wounded in a blast. A bomb targeting the head of the provincial council wounded three bodyguards. A roadside bomb in a tunnel wounded two people.

One gunmen was wounded during a clash in Jurf al-Sakhar.

Armed forces killed a militant at a barracks in Albu Ali Jassim.

Mortars struck a civilian home in Tal Afar, leaving one resident dead and another wounded.

Four policemen were killed and three more were wounded in an attack in Rawa.

A car bomb in Rutba left one dead and four wounded.

A sticky bomb killed a married couple and wounded their son in Tikrit. The father was a police officer. A car bomb delivering wounded from Baiji exploded; no casualties were reported, but the driver was arrested.

A suicide bomber in Baiji targeted a Sahwa leader. He and two others were wounded, but two bodyguards were killed in the bombing.

In Baquba, mortar fire left one dead and four wounded.

An I.E.D. wounded three people in Jalawla.

A car bomb was discovered in Kut and disarmed. A bomb explosion was reported, as well as a grenade attack.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.