Nine Killed in Iraq Attacks; Many Wounded in Raids on Nightclubs

An unknown number of people were wounded during raids on bars and nightclubs in Baghdad. The raids were conducted by soldiers assigned to protect the Green Zone. In other violence, at least nine Iraqis were killed and 11 more were wounded.

In Baghdad, dozens of soldiers from the 56th Brigade were ordered to conduct raids on establishments serving alcohol. An unknown number of workers, entertainers and patrons were beat up during the raids that sent many victims to hospital. The soldiers also destroyed property. An anonymous source said that Lieutenant General Faruq al-Araji, who is the top security official in the Maliki government ordered the raids.

One person was killed and eight others were wounded in car bomb blast in Khalis. A second car bomb blew up shortly afterwards, but the number of casualties, if any, was not reported.

In Mosul, three dumped bodies were discovered.

Gunmen in Tuz Khormato killed a female judicial investigator and her police bodyguard as they left court. A rocket attack failed to harm a Turkmen leader.

Two Sahwa members were killed in an attack on a Samarra checkpoint.

Police in Garma killed a suicide bomber who may have been under the influence of narcotics.

In Balad Ruz, a bomb wounded three Sahwa members.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.