Violence Continues: 38 Killed, 146 Wounded Across Iraq

At least 38 people were killed and 146 more were wounded in attacks across the country. As usual insurgents focused on security forces and government locations. A surge in violence that has taken place in recent weeks seemed to target Shi’ites, but today’s attacks took place in Sunni neighborhoods as well.

In Baghdad, a taxicab bomb exploded near a Washash neighborhood market, killing eight people and wounding 30 more. One person was killed and six more were wounded in a blast in Abu Dsheer. Five more people were wounded in the northwest. Mortars wounded two people in al-Dulai.

In Baquba, six people were killed and 51 more were wounded in a car bombing in a shopping district. Gunmen killed two Sahwa members and two policemen at a checkpoint. Two former Sahwa members were gunned down at a butcher shop.

A double car bombing at dawn killed five people and wounded 18 more outside the Taji mayor’s home.

In Falluja, a bomb killed two police officers and wounded four others. Three more were wounded in a separate bombing. Gunmen killed a police officer and wounded three members of his family at their home.

Two policemen were killed and 10 others were wounded in a blast at the Ramadi government center. At least two policemen were also killed.

In Mosul, two policemen were killed and six more were wounded in a blast.

Two Sahwa members were killed at a checkpoint in Samarra.

In Haswa, a bomb killed one policeman and wounded another.

A roadside bomb in Khan Bani Saad wounded four people.

Three people were wounded in Dour when a sticky bomb planted on a policeman’s care blew up.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.