Iraq: Shi’ite Pilgrims Among 13 Killed, 55 Wounded in Surge of Violence

A surge in violence occurred today, leaving at least 13 dead and 55 wounded. Once again Shi’ite pilgrims were targeted in Baghdad, but many attacks also occurred outside the capital. Many of those victims were security personnel.

In Baghdad, a bomb targeting Shi’ite pilgrims killed two people and wounded 12 more in Saidiya; the group was headed to Imam Kadhim’s shrine, where seven people were killed in shelling just two days ago. Gunmen wounded a police officer in Karrada.

A bomb in Ramadi left two dead and 10 wounded; most of the victims worked at a gym.

Three policemen were killed and two more were wounded during an attack on their checkpoint in Hammam al-Alil.

Gunmen killed a Sahwa member and a civilian at a checkpoint near Baquba. A soldier was shot dead. Two policemen were wounded in a bombing. Three bombs were defused.

In Falluja, nine people were wounded in a blast at a policeman’s home; two buildings were demolished. Six policemen were wounded in a separate bombing.

A bomb in Muqdadiya killed a civilian and wounded another.

A roadside bomb wounded three policemen in Khales.

A Sahwa member was shot dead in front of his Gatoun home.

In Baladiyat, a gunman was killed when the bomb he was allegedly planting exploded prematurely.

Gunmen wounded two Sahwa members and a bystander in Mekheisa.

A bomb in Rabeaa wounded four policemen.

In Muradiya, gunmen wounded a civilian.

A bomb in Saidiya wounded a civilian.

Gunmen opened fire on the home of a former provincial council member in Basra, but no casualties were reported.

A bomb exploded at a Jalawla landfill; three suspects were arrested.

A car bomb was defused in Samawa.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.