Sahwa Fighter’s Family Slaughtered As 14 Are Killed in Iraq Violence

At least 14 Iraqis were killed and 41 more were wounded in the latest violence, which included a bloody attack on a Sahwa fighter’s family. Meanwhile, Iran has accepted a peace deal with P.J.A.K. rebels, but Turkey continues to bomb P.K.K. targets in northern Iraq. The P.K.K., not to be left out, kidnapped three schoolteachers in Turkey.

Five people were killed and seven others were wounded when gunmen dressed in Iraqi army uniforms stormed the home of a Sahwa member in Abu Ghraib. The man’s wife, daughter, two sons and a fifth relative were killed. Seven other family members were wounded. He was not present.

In Baghdad, three people were killed and 10 more were wounded in a car bombing at a popular restaurant last night. Eight were wounded in a blast at a liquor store in an industrial district. Two bombs at an Utifiya market wounded five people. A drive-by shooting in Doura left one civilian killed and one policeman wounded. A traffic officer was wounded during a shooting in Bayaa.

A bomb targeting a military vehicle traveling near Zab killed one officer and wounded five others.

A joint U.S.-Iraqi force killed two men attempting to plant a bomb on a road in Tuz Khormato.

A man was killed and three others were wounded when the bomb they were allegedly planting exploded near Qadisiya.

In Karabileh, one gunman was killed and another wounded as they were allegedly planting a bomb that blew up prematurely.

A Sahwa leader was arrested on terrorism charges in Baquba.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.