Sunday: 29 Iraqis, 2 US Soldiers Killed; 108 Iraqis Wounded

A series of bomb attacks in and around Baghdad unnerved Iraqis just as the British mission in Iraq came to a close Sunday. Many of the bombs targeted police and other security forces. Some of them exploded simultaneously even though they were miles apart. At least 29 Iraqis were killed and 108 more were wounded in those and other attacks. Also, two U.S. soldiers were killed and three more were wounded when a bomb exploded near them in Baghdad. A U.S. convoy in Wassit province was targeted too, but no casualties were reported.

In Baghdad, two people were killed and 15 others were wounded when a series of four bombs exploded near a police base in the Amil district. A civilian was killed and five others were wounded in Binouk during a car bomb blast at a college. The head of internal affairs at the Interior Ministry was the target of a blast in Talibiya that killed one person and injured five. In Wathiq Square, one person was killed and about a dozen police officers were wounded.

Also in the capital, a bomb targeting a government spokesman’s aide wounded two others when it exploded. Five civilians were wounded during two separate blasts in Saidiya. A sticky bomb in Bayaa wounded two more people. Six more people were injured in a northern neighborhood. Another six were wounded when a bomb blew up in Beirut Square. Also, an Iraqi M.P. demanded an investigation into a fire at the Interior Ministry and said that similar fires occur when corruption charges are made against a ministry.

A bomb planted near a Sadr City hospital killed two civilians and wounded 12 others. Five more were wounded during an explosion at a market.

Fourteen soldiers were killed in Taji when a suicide car bomber struck as they gathered to investigate an earlier car bombing. At least 30 were wounded.

Three soldiers were killed in a bombing in Tuz Khormato.

In Mosul, a bomb targeting an army patrol killed one civilian and wounded two soldiers. A mortar round wounded a soldier at an army base.

A civilian guard and his daughter were shot to death in Kirkuk. A body was found separately.

A man was injured in a tribal clash in Duquq.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.