Saturday: 21 Iraqis Killed, 3 Wounded

What would have been a second day of unusually light violence was upset by the discovery of a mass grave in Anbar province. Including those deaths, at least 21 Iraqis were killed and three more were wounded, all the rest in Baghdad.

A mass grave containing 20 victims was discovered in Falluja. Three brothers were found either in that grave or another.

In Baghdad, gunmen wounded a traffic policeman in Shabb, but the officer was able to shoot back and kill one attacker. An intelligence officer was shot and wounded in Nisour Square. In an attack in Doura, gunmen wounded a lieutenant colonel from the Interior Ministry.

In Kirkuk, a Christian man was kidnapped and being held for $100,000 ransom.

U.S. forces detained an Iraqi army officer in Kut. Local authorities complained that the arrest was in violation of a U.S.-Iraqi agreement and held a demonstration.

A bomb targeting U.S. forces in Amara left no casualties.

Two rockets struck a U.S. base in Diwaniya but no casualties were reported.

Turkey said troops killed 12 Kurdish rebels attempting to cross the border from northern Iraq bases in two separate incidents. Meanwhile, a Turkish soldier was killed in a landmine blast.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.