Monday: 6 Iraqis Killed, 46 Wounded

At least six Iraqis were killed and 46 more were wounded in attacks across the country, but rocket and mortar attacks that may have targeted U.S. Vice President Joe Biden left no casualties in the Green Zone. Meanwhile, Biden spoke with Iraqi President Jalal Talabani before wrapping up his trip to Iraq.

At least four security personnel were wounded during clashes and fistfights between Kurdish Peshmerga fighters and Iraqi troops in Qurat Tabba. Details are sketchy but the altercation started either during a traffic accident or as the Peshmerga were parked in a "provocative" location.

Qurat Tabba has been the scene of previous altercations between local security and those from the central government. Residents prefer their fellow Kurds to protect them, but Baghdad is reluctant to strengthen any claims the Kurdistan Regional Government has over the area. It is also in Diyala province, which remains exceptionally vulnerable to Sunni gunmen.

A pair of blasts in Shurqat wounded 13 people, including a female civilian. Later, a third bomb explosion wounded eight people, three of them civilians.

In Mosul, two suicide bombers were shot dead before they could inflict casualties. Seven people were wounded when a man hurled a bomb at them in Zinjili. Gunmen killed a civilian in Baladiyat. Another civilian was wounded in a separate shooting. A bomb killed a civilian driver and wounded a soldier at a checkpoint. Three Islamic State of Iraq suspects were arrested.

In Baghdad, a blast in the Zaafaraniya neighborhood killed one policeman and wounded five other people. Three civilians were wounded in a bombing in al-I’lam. Three people were also wounded in a bombing in Bayaa. A bombing in Ray left one man with injuries. No casualties were reported after a Katyusha rocket and several mortars struck the Green Zone.

The body of an Awakening Council (Sahwa) member was found handcuffed inside his car in Kirkuk. Eight suspects were detained near the city.

Karbala police have implemented a security plan to safeguard pilgrims traveling to Baghdad for the Musa al-Kadhim observances.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.