Wednesday: 1 US Soldier, 16 Iraqis Killed; 36 Iraqis Wounded

Updated at 7:54 p.m. EDT, June 9, 2010

At least 16 Iraqis were killed and 36 more were wounded in a string of attacks across the country. Also, the D.O.D. reported that an American soldier was killed in a vehicle rollower near Kuwait City. Meanwhile, a study from the Walter Reed Institute has revealed that mental health problems are common in soldiers returning to Iraq, with as many as 10 percent displaying the effects of war.

Iran intensified cross-border bombing in Suleimaniyah, but no civilian casualties were reported. Many locals have already fled the area, and Kurdish authorities are demanding Baghdad move against Iranian troops reportedly setting up camp in the area. Iran has denied sending troops across the border to attack Party For A Free Kurdistan (PJAK) rebels.

A suicide motorcycle bomber targeting a U.S. convoy in Muqdadiya instead killed two bystanders and wounded five others.

In Abu Ghraib, gunmen attack a policeman’s home where they killed him and his wife, while also wounding his five sons. Another policeman was wounded in a nearby attack.

An attack on an Awakening Council (Sahwa) checkpoint in Zap left one member dead and two wounded.

Two Sahwa were killed and two more were wounded during an attack on their checkpoint in Shurqat.

A roadside bomb near Samarra wounded a police colonel and his driver.

Three people were wounded in an I.E.D. blast in Jalawla.

In Baghdad, a politician and three bodyguards were wounded in a blast in Zaafaraniya. A bomb in Ghazaliya killed a civilian and wounded two others.

In Mosul, an off-duty policeman was killed during an attack at his farm. A grenade wounded an army officer at Mosul University.

A man was arrested in Tal Afar for killing two family members and injuring three in Qadissiyah.

Last night in Basra, a bomb attached to a car wounded four people, including two policemen. Later, gunmen attacked jewelry shops where they killed three shopkeepers and wounded two civilians before stealing their jewelry.

A 16-year-old suicide bomber was captured in Tal Afar before he could stage an attack targeting a Shi’ite cleric. Gunmen killed a policeman who was on leave.

On a highweay near Tuz Khormato, gunmen kidnapped a driver.

A bomb blasted a U.S. patrol in Kirkuk, but no casualties were reported. A wanted person was detained.

Twelve suspects were arrested in and around Baquba.

Ten al-Qaeda suspects were captured in Saidiya and a number of light weapons were seized.

Fourteen Sadrist detainees were released as part of conciliation efforts.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.