Sunday: 18 Iraqis Killed, 49 Wounded

Updated at 6:08 p.m. EDT, Aug. 2, 2009

At least 18 Iraqis were killed and 49 more were wounded mostly in two separate bombings. No Coalition deaths were reported; however, the remains of a Navy pilot, missing since the Persian Gulf War, were recovered from a burial site in Anbar province. Also, Prime Minister Maliki made his first trip to Kurdistan since taking office three years ago, perhaps hoping to stave off another war. Separately, former Saddam aide Tariq Aziz received a seven-year sentence for the forced relocation of Kurds.

A car bomb exploded at a marketplace in Haditha, killing seven Iraqis and wounding as many as 34 more. The dead were all women or children. Entrances to the city are locked-down, and a vehicle ban has been imposed.

In Baghdad, workers cleaning the Jaysh Canal found ten bodies and a stash of weapons. One person was killed and three more were wounded in Adhamiya. No casualties were reported after a bomb blast next to a liquor store in Doura. A bomb was dismantled in Sheikh Omar.

Ten people were wounded during a bomb at a livestock market in Hilla. A large number of sheep perished. A bomb at the Islah Party offices left no casualties.

An I.E.D. blast wounded a civilian in Kut.

In Mosul, an I.E.D. wounded a policeman. A traffic ban was imposed during an operation in a western neighborhood.

Additional troops were deployed to Karbala ahead of a Shi’ite observance.

Security was stepped up in Tal Afar.

Two Katyusha rockets landed at Camp Echo, near Diwaniya.

An arms cache was found in Numaniya.

Nineteen suspects were arrested and weapons were discovered in Iskandariya.

Iraqi forces detained 23 suspects near Kirkuk.

Six suspects were captured in Saidiya.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.