Tuesday: 47 Iraqis Killed, 79 Wounded

Updated at 7:01 p.m. EDT, Aug. 26, 2008

Diyala province continues to be the focus of violence and politics today as a large bombing killed or wounded dozens in Jalawla. Overall, at least 47 Iraqis were killed and 79 more were wounded in the latest attacks across Iraq. Iraqi forces also withdrew from a Diyala city after complaints over their emplacement there. No Coalition deaths were reported, but another significant clash took place between PKK rebels and Turkish troops in Turkey.

Iraqi security forces withdrew from Khanaqin after massive demonstrations were staged against their recent emplacement. The mayor, who is a member of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, said the emplacement was politically motivated. The operation in Diyala province has suffered much criticism. One problem has come from rogue security elements within the Iraqi troops who attack local officials without permission. Another is that the operation was announced ahead of time, allowing gunmen to flee the area and rendering the operation useless from a security standpoint.

As many as 35 people were killed and 47 more were wounded during a suicide bombing in Jalawla. The bomber struck at a police recruitment center. Iraqi forces completely and forcibly took over security in the area from Peshmerga fighters yesterday. The Peshmerga are Kurdish troops who have been patrolling parts of the volatile and ethnically diverse Diyala province. Some of the Peshmerga expressed their disappointment in the central government’s plan and felt unappreciated despite the help they have already been to province. The central government wants only their troops in control of the province.

Near the Iranian border in Mandali, also Diyala province, a family of five were killed when they came across a roadside bomb. They were driving their minivan to a religious shrine.

Conflicting reports from Tikrit leave as many as two dead and 12 wounded in a car bombing there. Earlier reports stated that four people had been killed, but they were likely the victims of a second bomb at the Salah ad Din health directorate that also left six people with injuries.

Two policemen were wounded near Aziziya when a roadside bomb blasted them.

In Mosul, gunmen attacked the Bab Lakash area home of a policeman. The policeman was seriously wounded, while one gunman was killed and another was wounded as they tried to flee. Three suspects were arrested in a separate incident.

In Baghdad, a roadside bomb in Ghadeer wounded four people. Two Awakening Council members were injured in a roadside bomb blast in Mowasalat. At least 36 suspects were captured separately. Another suspect was arrested. Two car bombs were found and defused.

Four policemen were wounded during a roadside bomb blast near Safra.

A man was kidnapped in Kirkuk.

Four men carrying Iranian-made weaponry were detained in Hay.

Coalition forces captured eight suspects across northern and central Iraq.

In Turkey, Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) rebels clashed with Turkish troops. At least 11 rebels and one Turkish soldier were killed.


Compiled by Margaret Griffis

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for Antiwar.com since 2006.