Thursday: 29 Iraqis Killed, 76 Wounded

Updated at 5:20 p.m. EDT, May 29, 2008

At least 29 Iraqis were killed and 76 more were wounded in the latest attacks. The worst occurred in Sinjar. Several foreign fighters were also killed near Tikrit. No Coalition deaths were reported, but the army released figures on U.S. military suicides, which are at their highest in decades if not at an all time high.

A suicide bomber in Sinjar killed 20 people and wounded 42 others. Most were police recruits. The police chief was dismissed over the incident.

In Baghdad, six people were wounded when gunmen lobbed a hand grenade at a minibus. Two unidentified bodies were also found by police.

In Mosul, a suicide bomber driving a police vehicle killed three police commandos and wounded nine others, including two policemen. At least 14 civilians were wounded when a car bomb exploded near a bus station, including women and children. Three people were wounded when a roadside bomb blasted a police patrol.

Two Iraqi army soldiers were killed and another was wounded during a roadside bombing in Buhriz.

A dozen people were killed during clashes in Ouja near Tikrit, but the number of Iraqis killed was not released. Fighters hidden in a fuel tanker attacked an Awakening Council (Sahwa) patrol when they were stopped for inspection. Some of the fighters were Sudanese or from other Arab countries. One Sahwa member was seriously wounded. Ouja is the hometown of Saddam Hussein.

Thirteen suspects were captured in Hilla.

Eight people under suspicion of killing a police officer’s family were arrested in Wassit.

Compiled by Margaret Griffis and Jason Ditz

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.