Monday: 48 Iraqis Killed, 104 Wounded

Updated at 7:35 p.m. EDT, May 5, 2008

At least 48 Iraqis were killed and 104 more were wounded in the latest attacks. Most of the violence occurred in and around Sadr City. No Coalition deaths were reported.

Hospital sources in Sadr City reported six dead and 44 wounded in overnight violence.

In Baghdad, six Iraqi soldiers were wounded during security operations. Five people were injured during a mortar attack yesterday in Ghadeer. U.S. forces killed nine gunmen. Gunmen wounded two policemen during an attack in Bab al-Sharqi. Five people were killed, including a child and his parents, and eight were wounded during a U. S. airstrike in Amil; U.S. forces said they killed three insurgents in the attack. A roadside bomb in Zayouna wounded two people. Also, four unidentified bodies were discovered.

In unconfirmed reports from Balad Ruz, gunmen killed 10 Iraqi soldiers and wounded 13 others during an attack. Three policemen were injured when a roadside bomb blasted them. Also 15 al-Qaeda suspects were captured.

A roadside bomb in Kirkuk killed one Iraqi soldier and wounded seven others.

Gunmen in Mosul stormed an apartment where they killed three women and wounded two others. An IED exploded near a patrol, but no casualties were reported. A civilian was injured during a shooting, and a dumped body was found. Also, six suspects were arrested.

Two Iraqi fishermen were killed and a third one was injured when the Iranian Coast Guard fired upon them near Basra in the Shatt al-Arab waterway. It may be that the fishermen crossed the international border.

Near Qara Taba, an IED wounded seven Iraqi soldiers. Three Peshmerga fighters were injured in a roadside bomb blast near town. Also, three truck drivers were kidnapped.

Gunmen killed a former commander of the disbanded Baath Party in Hilla.

An al-Sadr political office was raided in Kut.

In Amara, two kidnap victims were freed.

The Iraqi army killed six suspects and detained 149 others across Iraq.

An al-Qaeda leader and six others were detained in Saidiya.


Compiled by Margaret Griffis

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.