Sunday: 4 US Soldiers, 91 Iraqis Killed; 152 Wounded

Updated at 12:45 a.m. EDT, Mar. 24, 2008

With the loss of four soldiers in Baghdad today, the U.S. death tally now stands at 4000 American military deaths. At least 91 Iraqis were also killed and 152 more were wounded during the latest round of violence. In Baghdad, rockets targeting mostly the Green Zone left several casualties. Meanwhile, a series of attacks on mostly police units left a significant number of dead and injured in Mosul. Also, Iranian forces continue their attacks on rebel locations in northern Iraq.

An IED killed four American soldiers and injured a fifth in Baghdad last night, bringing the number of military deaths to 4000. The tally includes eight civilians who were working for the Department of Defense at the time of their deaths.

In Baghdad, six dumped bodies were found. Gunmen killed seven people and wounded 16 others, including women and children, in Zaafaraniya. A suicide bomber in Shula killed six and wounded 10 at a petrol station. In Kamaliya, a rocket killed five people and wounded eight more during an attack targeting the Green Zone. A rocket in Sadr City killed four more people. Two more people were wounded by rocket fire in Karrada. In Bab al-Sheikh, rocket fire killed one person and wounded five others. A roadside bomb in Zayouna injured three policemen. In Uqba bin Nafia Square, another roadside bomb injured two civilians. Also, three mortar attacks in central Baghdad left one dead and 14 wounded.

In Mosul, a suicide bomber killed 15 Iraqi soldiers and wounded 45 others, including civilians, during an attack in al-Haramat. Another suicide bomber, this one in al-Nour, left one policeman dead and 10 others wounded. In al-Hadbaa, an IED wounded seven civilians as well. Also, one dumped body was found.

In Baquba, a U.S. air attack killed 15 members of the same family and wounded two others. Separately, a police lieutenant was killed and two policemen were wounded during an attack on a checkpoint. Mortars killed two civilans and injured one more. Also, a civilian was gunned down yesterday.

U.S. forces killed 14 al-Qaeda suspects and injured five others in Balad Ruz, and killed as many as five others in separate locations. Thirty suspects were also detained.

Near Samarra, a suicide car bomb hit the home of a tribal leader. Five people were killed and 11 were wounded. The tribal leader survived but his brother was killed.

A roadside bomb killed four Iraqi soldiers in Tuz Khormato.

In Kut, mortar fire injured three civilians. A legislator’s house came under attack, but no casualties were reported.

Gunmen killed Colonel Akram Awad al-Omairi, commander of a rapid reaction unit of Balad Ruz, and an escort outside his home in Abu Saida.

A car bomb was confiscated and two suspects were arrested south of Karbala in al-Askari.

A woman and infant were injured in Kanaan when mortars slammed into their home.

Yesterday in al-Muatasim, a suicide bomber drove into the home of the mayor. Three policemen were killed and two civilans were injured.

A roadside bomb near Basra caused no casualties.

Also, authorities revealed that over 23,000 Iraqis are held in detention centers. Another 240 Arabs from foreign countries are also in detention. Meanwhile, a Mahdi Army leader was released in Basra as seven new suspects were captured.


Compiled by Margaret Griffis

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.