Monday: 1 US Sailor, 49 Iraqis Killed; 35 Iraqis Wounded

Updated at 11:05 p.m. EST, Dec. 31, 2007

At least 49 Iraqis were killed and 35 more were wounded during violence that included security raids in several cities. A suicide bomber detonated his cargo near a school just north of Baghdad, and female bomber struck in Baquba. Also, 2007 was the deadliest year since the invasion. Despite a recent drop in deaths, about 900 American troopmembers were killed supporting the Iraq War during the last 12 months. One American sailor died today of wounds received on Dec. 24 in a vehicular accident.

On the outskirts of Baghdad, a suicide car bomber struck at a checkpoint in Tarmiya, where he killed 12 people and wounded seven others. Five of the dead were schoolchildren. The rest the casualties belonged to Awakening Council members.

U.S. forces raided the Health Ministry in Baghdad. In Karrada, a roadside bomb was safely exploded in a controlled detonation. Three policemen were injured during a bombing in Zaafaraniyah. Nine suspects were arrested and one hostage was freed. A dumped body was found in Abu Dsheer and another in Shabb. Mortars in Amariyah wounded three civilians. Also, no casualties were reported after a fire at the Interior Ministry.

A female suicide bomber wounded seven at a Baquba police station in the al-Mustafa neighborhood. Two policemen and a child were among the victims. Also, three suspects were detained in separate incident.

Three teachers were gunned down in Maysan province.

In Kirkuk, a roadside bomb wounded two policemen. Also, an Iraqi army colonel was wounded in a separate bombing. Police arrested 18 suspects.

Two border guards were killed and four soldiers were wounded by an IED near Mandali.

A truck bomb at an Awakening Council checkpoint in al-Musayib left one dead and three injured.

Two civilians were gunned down in al-Rashad.

In Mosul, a sniper killed a policemen, and a male nurse was killed in a separate incident.

In Khalis, a clash left an Awakening Council member and a policeman dead. Three policemen were wounded. In a separate incident, mortars fell on an Iraqi army checkpoint, injuring two soldiers.

An explosive belt was discovered during an operation in Hibhib.

Explosions in Diyala province killed at least another three people.

An Awakening Council member was gunned down in al-Hafriyah.

In Hawija, U.S. forces arrested the mayor.

Iraqi army troops killed 12 gunmen and detained 29 in unspecified locations.

In Baiji, combined Iraqi army and police forces killed four Iraqi and three foreign suspects; a policeman died of head wounds. Thirteen suspects were arrested.

U.S. forces in al-Husseiniyah captured a Shi’ite militia leader they believe was receiving help from Iran.

Six al-Qaeda suspects were captured in Anbar province.

In Hilla, 70 suspects were arrested over the weekend.


Captured by Margaret Griffis

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.