Friday: 39 Iraqis Killed, 45 Wounded

Updated at 7:10 p.m EST, Dec. 7, 2007

A pair of suicide bombings in Diyala province shook an otherwise quiet prayer day. Armed attacks were the flavor of the day elsewhere. Overall, at least 39 Iraqis were killed and 45 more were wounded. No Coalition troop deaths were reported.

In Muqdadiya, a female suicide bomber killed as many as 16 people and wounded another 27 at a 1920 Revolutionary Brigades office. Sunni tribesmen who formed this local group switched "sides" this year and are now "local concerned citizens" fighting alongside Coalition troops against other militia outfits.

A suicide car bomber attacked a checkpoint in Dali Abbas, which is just north of Baquba. Seven Iraqi soldiers and three "local concerned citizens" were killed, while another eight people were wounded.

In Baghdad, three policemen were wounded during an armed attack on a police station in Adhamiya. Also, three dumped bodies were found.

Near the Syrian border at al-Rabia yesterday, four "local concerned citizens" were killed during a drive-by shooting.

A civilian was gunned down near Taza.

Five policemen were wounded during a roadside bombing in Rashad.

In Kirkuk, one person was killed, and a second was hurt during an armed attack. A Kurdish Peshmerga soldier was injured last night in a separate attack. West of the city, a car bomb set an oil pipeline ablaze. Also, two car bombs were defused.

Iraqi police killed a person wearing a suicide belt in Shurqat.

Combined U.S. and Iraqi forces killed one suspect and arrested 55 near Balad. Nine more were detained in Baghdad. In Fallujah, ten were captured.


Compiled by Margaret Griffis

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.