Friday: 2 U.S. Soldiers, 21 Iraqis Killed; 9 Iraqis Wounded; 30 Iraqis Kidnapped

Updated at 11:55 p.m. EST, Nov. 30, 2007

An otherwise quiet prayer day was marked by the detention of dozens of people associated with a Sunni leader. Five U.S. soldiers were injured during a controlled detonation of a car bomb found at the politician’s Baghdad office. Two U.S soldiers were killed in separate incidents elsewhere. Overall, at least 21 Iraqis were killed and another nine were wounded throughout the country. Also, a mass abduction took place in Khalis.

An MNC-Iraq soldier was killed during combat near Baquba today. Also, the DOD reported that a U.S. soldier was killed in a non-hostile vehicular accident on Wednesday in Baghdad.

Dozens of people were detained following the discovery of a car bomb near the Baghdad office of leading Sunni lawmaker Adnan al-Dulaimi. The politician and his son are among those being questioned under suspicion of involvement with the car bomb. Five U.S. soldiers were wounded during the controlled detonation of the vehicle. Another Iraqi bystander was injured. Also, two Iraqis were wounded as one of al-Dulaimi’s bodyguards fled the scene. One of al-Dulaimi’s guards allegedly possessed the keys to the vehicle.

Also in Baghdad, three dumped bodies were recovered. Mortars injured two people in the Abu Dsheer neighborhood. Also, the Iraqi journalist who claimed that 11 members of his family were killed on Monday has recanted his story.

Five Iraqi security forces members were killed during an attack hear Khalis at al-Tahwiela. Thirty other people were kidnapped. During a separate U.S. raid dozens of al-Qaeda suspects were killed or detained in the city.

Four policemen were killed during a car bombing in al-Shurqat.

A suicide bomber killed a police captain and two policemen as they entered his Duluiya home to arrest him.

In Kirkuk, a mortar shell injured two children in the Tarkalan district. A restaurant owner was gunned down. At least one other person was killed as well.

No casualties were reported when gunmen blew up a fuel pipeline in Mosul.

Police arrested three kidnappers and freed their hostage in Karbala.

No casualties were reported when the British base in Basra came under mortar attack. Four detainees were freed.

Three people were killed and two were injured during shelling in Hibhib.

One suspect was killed and 17 more were arrested during U.S. raids in several locations.

Also, two Palestinian children awaiting resettlement from Iraq died from their illnesses.


Compiled by Margaret Griffis

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.