Monday: 30 Iraqis Killed, 4 Wounded

Updated at 5:40 p.m. EST, Nov. 26, 2007

At least 30 Iraqis were killed and four more were wounded during a light day violence. The family of an Iraqi journalist is among the dead. No Coalition deaths were reported. Also, a Turkish helicopter violated Iraqi airspace on a supposed reconnaissance mission.

In Baghdad, Shi’ite gunmen invaded the al-Shabb area home of a pro-Baath journalist who is residing in Jordan and killed 11 members of his family, including his wife and children. A roadside bomb wounded two people in Zaafaraniya. No casualties were reported when a roadside bomb blasted an Iraqi army vehicle in al-Urfaly. Also, four dumped bodies were found.

A drive-by shooting in Hilla left one dead and one injured.

A policeman was killed during a home invasion in Kut, while the body of a civilian was found at a separate location. Two more people were killed in drive-by shootings.

Three bodies were found in Mosul. A roadside bomb killed one person and wounded a second as well.

In Basra, gunmen killed a woman at a marketplace.

A clash between rival militias in Kanaan left one anti-al Qaeda militia member dead.

Four gunmen were killed in clashes with anti-al Qaeda militia in Muqudadiyah.

The Iraqi army captured 58 suspects throughout Iraq. Another three were detained in Balad. Three more were arrested in Diwaniya for possessing explosives. At a checkpoint in Taji, soldiers arrested four men including two men who were passing themselves off as a bride and groom.

Also, the human rights minister in Kurdistan has reported that 97 women were burned to death and another 27 were killed by other means over the past four months. Most of these are suspected honor killings and related suicides. Kurdistan is considered one of the safer regions in the country.


Compiled by Margaret Griffis

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.