Thursday: 66 Iraqis Killed, 36 Wounded

Updated at 12:20 a.m. EST, Nov. 23, 2007

Mortars rained on the Green Zone has American troops there were celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday. The British base in Basra also received a round of shelling. At least 66 Iraqis were killed or found dead and another 36 were wounded throughout Iraq. No Coalition deaths were reported.

In Baghdad, the Green Zone was bombarded by mortar fire. Only ten wounded were officially reported; however, a Reuters witness reported seeing one dead person. A roadside bomb wounded three people in a central neighborhood. In Talbiya, a separate bomb wounded two more on a bridge. Two police commandos were wounded during a bombing in the Jisr Diyala region. Two Iraqi soldiers were wounded during an IED attack near al-Zawra park. One Iraqi soldier was injured during a grenade attack that was perpetrated by minors in Mansour. Also, four dumped bodies were found.

Gunmen south of Baghdad in Hor Rijab killed two Iraqi soldiers then stole their humvees and used them to attack and kill 18 rival Sunnis belonging to an Awakening Council.

Clashes near Baquba in Qalaat al-Qassab left 19 al-Qaeda fighters dead. Two civilians were killed and another three wounded in the crossfire.

In Mosul, two civilians were killed and 12 others were wounded, including two policemen, during a car bombing in a southern neighborhood. A roadside bomb killed a policemen and wounded a second one. Also, the decapitated body of a university lecturer from Tikrit was was found here.

A body was found near Hilla.

In Kirkuk, a municipal council member was shot and killed by gunmen in a passing vehicle. Also, a decapitated body was found.

No casualties were reported during an indirect fire attack on the British base in Basra. A civilian was gunned down near his home. Gunmen killed a former Baathist. Also, four Mahdi gunmen were killed after they attacked a family for not marrying off their daughter to one of the men.

Three tribesmen were killed during clashing between rival tribes over a plot of land in Wassit province.

An Iraqi soldier was abducted in Riyadh.

In Najaf, a former Baathist was gunned down.

Iraqi soldiers killed a man seen planting a roadside bomb near Mandali, while a civilian was killed downtown.

Coalition forces killed one suspect and arrested ten in northern and central Iraq. Ten suspects were detained near Ramadi. Also, 35 suspects were captured in Kerbala, including three people planting a bomb.


Compiled by Margaret Griffis

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.