Sunday: 35 Iraqis Killed, 21 Wounded

Updated at 12:15 a.m. EST, Nov. 12, 2007

At least 35 Iraqis were killed and 21 more wounded during a day of light violence. No Coalition troops were reported killed, but an incident in Baquba may have resulted in some casualties. Also, over 200 suspects were arrested and 340 policemen fired in other events.

In Baghdad, a suicide bomber killed a 12-year old girl and wounded four other Iraqis in Baladiyat; a nearby U.S. convoy suffered no injuries. In Mansour, five people were injured when gunmen lobbed a grenade at their minibus. In Bayaa, a roadside bomb killed one person and injured a second. A roadside bomb injured no one during an attack on a U.S. patrol on Palestine Street. Also, four dumped bodies were found.

Gunmen attacked the Technical Institute in Baquba where they killed one student, injured a second, and kidnapped two more. Three dumped bodies were found. Also, a bomb blasted a U.S.-Iraqi convoy, leaving two dead and two injured, but the nationalities of the casualties were not specified.

Villagers in the Khalis region killed five al-Qaeda members, including three leaders, during clashes.

In Diwaniya, one person was killed and six others were wounded when Coalition troops at Camp Echo returned fire after a missile attack.

A body was found in al-Qasim. The victim had been shot in the head.

In Karbala, 340 policemen were fired for either negligence or militia activities, including the head of police intelligence.

The governor of Ninewah province and the chief of police of Mosul survived a double assassination attempt.

The head of Wajihiyah village also survived an assassination attempt, but two of his guards were injured in the incident.

Police blew up a home in Muqdadiyah during a controlled explosion.

More than 200 suspects were detained during a joint U.S.-Iraqi operation in northern Iraq. Fourteen more suspects were arrested in Baghdad; one policeman was killed and two more were wounded during security operations. Iraqi troops killed seven gunmen and arrested 39 others throughout Iraq. Also, a Sadrist leader was arrested in Diwaniya, and U.S. forces killed nine suspects west of Samarra two days ago.


Compiled by Margaret Griffis

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.