Saturday: 2 US Soldiers, 29 Iraqis Killed; 41 Iraqis Wounded

Updated at 7:00 p.m EDT, Nov. 3, 2007

At least 29 Iraqis were killed and 41 more were wounded during the latest attacks. In Baghdad, three Iranian pilgrims were wounded as well. Also, two U.S. soldiers were killed in separate incidents. Meanwhile, tensions with Turkey over the PKK continue.

Today, an MND-North soldier was killed in a non-combat-related explosion; a second soldier was wounded. Also, an MND-Center soldier was killed when an IED blasted her patrol in Baghdad on Thursday.

In Arbil, the regional government shut down a Kurdistan Democratic Solution Party office because of their alleged sympathies with the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) rebels. Meanwhile Iraq promised to hunt down PKK rebels responsible for cross-border attacks in Turkey. These measures were taken with the hope of preventing a major Turkish military strike in Iraq.

In Baghdad, four unidentified bodies were found dumped in as many neighborhoods. Three Iranian pilgrims were wounded during an armed attack in Kadhamiya. In southeastern Baghdad, a roadside bomb killed a man and injured five others, including three police commandos, at the Amana garage. A roadside bomb in Karrada killed one soldier and wounded three others. Another bombing, this one in Mansour, left one civilian dead and four wounded. A morter round injured two people in Harthiyah. Also, a U.S. raid resulted in the arrest of an Iraqi M.P.’s bodyguard; his son, nephew and a neighbor were killed in the attack.

A roadside bomb outside a Khalis mosque killed one person and wounded 10 others. Also, six dumped bodies were found.

Two bodies were discovered in Mosul. Also, a Sunni Endowment employee was gunned down.

In Mahaweel, one policeman was killed and another was wounded during a roadside bombing.

A roadside bomb in Basra wounded four guards accompanying a convoy transporting an army leader and the police chief. Also, the British base and a British patrol came under attack, but no casualties were reported.

The head of Wassit University and three guards were wounded when gunmen attacked them in Kut.

An Iraqi Scorpion Force soldier was killed in Hilla and his murderers were arrested.

One policeman was killed in Madaen while three others were injured during an armed attack in the Baghdad suburb.

U.S. troops killed five suspects and arrested 10 in northern and central Iraq. Also, 65 gunmen were captured in Hilla. In Baghdad, security forces arrested 19 suspects and freed two hostages; one officer was killed and another was wounded, while four soldiers were wounded.


Compiled by Margaret Griffis

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.