Wednesday: 2 GIs, 131 Iraqis Killed; 88 Iraqis Wounded

Updated at 11:25 p.m. EDT, Oct. 10, 2007

At least 131 Iraqis were killed or found dead and 88 others were wounded during the latest violence. Attacks on political or security targets occurred in Mosul and Tikrit, and Baghdad saw several attacks staged by gunmen. Also, two U.S. servicemembers were killed in separate non-hostile events.

An MND-B soldier died in an non-combat event in Baghdad today. In another non-combat incident, an MND-soldier was killed.

In Baghdad, six dumped bodies were recovered. Gunmen attacked a minibus, killing one and wounding six others in the Saidiya neighborhood. In Karrada, one roadside bomb, targeting a U.S. patrol, killed one civilian and wounded six more, while another roadside bomb wounded two people. A third bomb in Karrada wounded three more people. Gunmen also attacked a bus in Bayaa where one person was killed and five more were wounded. In an eastern neighborhood, a roadside bomb wounded two policemen and two civilians.

A suicide bomber attacked the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) headquarters in Mosul’s Khorsbat area, killing seven people and wounding 20 others.

A car bomb in Tikrit exploded near a convoy carrying the chief of security of Salah ad Din province. Six people were killed and 10 were wounded.

The body of a four-year-old boy was found hanged in Numaniya. He had been kidnapped and held for ranson.

Two policemen were killed in Diwaniya. Shelling at a primary school wounded 14 girls and two teachers. Also, one policeman was killed today and another policeman was killed yesterday.

A police officer was murdered in Hawija. Also, a body was found at a grain storage plant. Police arriving to investigate were blasted by an IED; one was killed and two were injured. A second patrol was attacked as well, but no casualties were reported.

A suicide bomber attacked an army base in al-Zab, killing an Iraqi soldier and wounding up to seven others.

In Tal Afar, a Katyusha rocket landed on a private residence where it killed five family members and wounded five more.

A Baghdad policeman was killed in an armed attack as he was returning home to Amara.

The body of a kidnapped laborer was found in Riyadh.

Two people were wounded during a twin IED attack in Suleiman Bek.

West of Baghdad, 13 suspects were killed in an airstrike after they attacked a residence.

Iraqi troops killed 41 suspects and arrested 89 in various locations around Iraq. U.S. authorities reported killing 37 suspects and detaining 25 in the Diyala River Valley.

As part of Ramadan celebrations, the U.S. military released about 1,400 detainees deemed to be no threat to society. The men were released over the course of the holiday and pledged to not attack U.S. forces. Sunni Arab leaders say that many of those in U.S. custody are innocent of any crime and being held without charges. Also, 75 detainees, found to be innocent of charges relating to an August incident during a holy observance in Karbala, will also be freed.

Also, Russia has now asked Turkey to show restraint in dealing with cross-border issues concerning Kurdish rebels in Iraq. Political analysts think an incursion by Turkish troops is unlikely; however, Turkey has sent troops into Iraq in the past and frequently bombs targets in the neighboring country. Meanwhile, a explosion wounded several people in southeastern Turkey.


Compiled by Margaret Griffis

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.