Sunday: 120 Iraqis Killed, 73 Wounded

Updated at 11:15 p.m. EDT, Sept. 16, 2007

As expected, attacks have increased during the Ramadan holiday. At least 120 Iraqis were killed and 73 were wounded in the latest violence. Although many of the dead were suspected militants, several bombings targeted civilians. Also, hundreds of bodies were discovered in mass graves dating to the Saddam regime.

No casualties were as yet reported in a pair of armed attacks against British troops in the Basra area.

Five mass graves were discovered in the Amara area. The graves date from the early 1990s and contain the remains of over 300 people.

In Baghdad, 12 unidentified bodies were recovered. A clash involving American security contractors left nine Iraqis dead and 19 more wounded in the Mansour district. A separate boming in the neighborhood killed two and wounded five others near al-Rahman mosque. In al-Harthiya, a roadside bomb killed one and wounded three more. An IED explosion in Ma’moun killed one person and injured two more. Gunmen killed two officials, one from Bayaa and one from Doura. Also, mortar fire near al-Shabb stadium killed one and wounded three others.

Suspected al-Qaeda militants killed 14 and wounded ten in a pair of villages near Muqdadiya and torched a number of shops. Three children were among the dead.

A suicide bomber at a Tuz Khormato cafe killed eight and wounded 22 others.

In Mosul, gunmen killed a Sunni preacher, who belonged to the Kurdish Islamic Union.

A roadside bomb killed two policemen in Tal Afar.

In Baquba, gunmen hijacked an ambulance carrying eight people.

Two people were killed and four were wounded during a mortar attack in Samarra. A child was among the dead.

Militants attacked Hilla tribesmen, killing two and wounding three others. The bodies of two kidnap victims were later found.

In Kirkuk, a guard and a pedestrian were wounded during a roadside bombing that was detonated near a Kurdistan Democratic Party (PDK) motorcade. A young boy was kidnapped when a truck he was sitting in was stolen.

A pharmacist was assassinated in Rumeitha. He was a member of the al-Sadr movement.

A police colonel was shot and killed in Ifech.

The 12-year-old son and the father of an unspecified Sadrist leader were killed during a U.S.-Iraqi raid on the Sadrist’s home in Diwaniya. A police officer was killed in a separate incident.

The Iraqi army killed 47 suspects and arrested 21 in different locations.

U.S. forces reported capturing a suspect responsible for killing Abu Risha last week.

Also, a school in Qarah Tappa was blown-up three days before final exams.

U.S. forces killed eight suspects and arrested seven in areas around Baghdad.


Compiled by Margaret Griffis

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.