Wednesday: 2 GIs, 151 Iraqis Killed; 92 Iraqis Wounded

Updated at 12:20 a.m. EDT, July 5, 2007

An MND-B soldier was killed this morning during combat operations in a southern section of Baghdad. Also, a Task Force Lightning soldier was killed and another wounded when a helicopter crashed in Ninewah province. And, at least 151 Iraqis were killed and 92 were wounded during the latest round of attacks, which included a significant number of dead during clashes in Diyala province.

In Baghdad, a roadside bomb killed an Iraqi soldier and wounded three near the al-Shurta tunnel. A suicide car bomber killed two and wounded seven others at a police checkpoint in al-Salam. Two people were killed during clashing in the Mansour district. Also in Mansour, mortars injured two civilians. Two people were injured by shelling in the Doura area. A suicide bomber killed four police commandos and wounded eight more in Doura. Gunmen killed two men and kidnapped five in New Baghdad. In Amiriya, gunmen killed a civilian. No casualties were reported when mortars fell on the Green Zone and Ubaidi. Mortars in Bayaa injured three people. A child was injured by mortar fire in Ma’alif. Also, clashes broke out in Fadhl.

Several previously unreported Baghdad killings have come to light: Two Iraqi TV reporters were killed in separate incidents. A woman and her daughter were killed, while the woman’s son and her sister were wounded during an attack in Saidiya; the father had been killed weeks ago. Another woman from Saidiya was killed for cooperating with police. The body of a police colonel was found. Also, 16 unidentified bodies were recovered today.

Also in Baghdad, a U.S. convoy was attacked, but no casualties were reported; however, several police commandos were detained after the incident. One Iraqi soldier was killed and two were wounded during combat operations, while 38 suspects were detained.

In Kirkuk, two policemen were killed and two officers were wounded in a drive-by shooting. Three Iraqi soldiers were wounded in roadside bombing. In a separate roadside bombing, two police officers were wounded. An oil installation security officer was killed and three others were wounded during an explosion near their vehicle. On Tuesday, gunmen killed one policeman and injured three others, while a roadside bomb injured a security officer and a civilian.

The U.S. military reported killing 25 gunmen and injuring two more during a three-day security operation northeast of Baquba.

At least 15 people suspected of having ties to al-Qaeda were killed in various clashes that took place in Diyala province.

Coalition forces killed ten suspects in separate incidents in Anbar province and Mosul.

Fifteen people were killed and 17 were wounded during a car bombing in Ramadi.

Twenty gunmen were killed during clashing in Shrween village.

The Association of Iraqi Scholars reported that 17 people were killed in an unconfirmed U.S. air strike in Muqdadiyah. Mortars injured a local council chairman and two of his sons. Also, the home of a policeman was blown up but no casualties were reported.

Seven people were killed, including three policemen, and 18 were wounded during a suicide car bombing outside a Baiji restaurant.

An Iraqi soldier was killed at a fake checkpoint in Tikrit.

One Iraqi soldier was killed and three others were injured in Suleiman Beg. The soldiers were Kurdish.

In Hilla, three Iraqi soldiers were killed during a mortar attack on their camp.

Iraqi police foiled a rocket attack in Karbala.

Five kidnapped girls were freed in Basra, but the body of an Iraqi translator was found. The director of the Red Crescent said his home was attacked by relatives of his predecessor, but no casualties occurred.

A pair of bodies belonging to members of the Anbar Salvation Council were found in Fallujah.

A beheaded man was found in Darbedikhan.

Gunmen injured a policeman in Blour village.

In Hawija, one soldier was injured during a roadside bomb explosion at a bus station.

The bodies of two Yazidi sect members were found in Mosul.

Four police commandos were killed and two more were wounded during a roadside bombing in Samarra.

Six truck drivers were kidnapped near Tuz Khormato.

No casualties were reported when the U.S. bases at Haditha and Kut were struck by Katyusha rockets and mortar fire.

In Haqlaniya, two policemen were wounded when they were attacked by gunmen.

A policeman was killed in Abu Al-Khasib during clashes with smugglers.


Compiled by Margaret Griffis

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.