Monday: 4 GI, 92 Iraqis Killed; 141 Iraqis Wounded

Updated at 12:20 a.m. EDT, June 26, 2007

Violence picked up again today, with a number of notable suicide bombings occurring throughout Iraq. At least 92 Iraqis were killed and 141 were wounded during these attacks. Also, four American servicemembers were killed and three were wounded in separate events.

A Task Force Marne soldier was killed during a small arms attack today in Baghdad. In a separate attack, a roadside bomb killed one MND-B soldier and wounded three others in the capital. A soldier was killed yesterday in Duraiya during a small arms attack. Also, a soldier wounded in an attack last week died from his injuries over the weekend.

In Baghdad, a suicide bomber penetrated security at the Mansour Hotel where former members of the U.S.-allied Anbar Salvation Council were holding a meeting; at least five sheikhs, a noted Iraqi poet and a TV reporter were among the 12 dead and 21 wounded.

U.S. soldiers killed three suspects who were planting a roadside bomb in eastern Baghdad. A roadside bomb in Za’afaraniya injured two civilians. A suicide bomber managed to harm no one but himself in the Waziriya neighborhood. Mortar shells in Saidiya injured three people. Also, 16 bodies were recovered from various neighborhoods.

Suicide bombers in Baiji, killed 27 Iraqis, including nine policemen and injured 62 others. Five American soldiers also suffered light injuries. The attack began as a double car bombing and was followed by dozens of gunmen attacking a police barracks. Snipers killed four people as they were closing their shops ahead of a curfew imposed after the bombing.

In Siniyah, a suicide bomber killed two Iraqi soldiers and wounded three others at a checkpoint. The town is only nine miles west of Baiji, and the incident occurred less than an hour after the Baiji bombing.

Eight people were killed and 42 were wounded during a suicide bombing near the governor’s office in Hilla.

In Mosul, a car bomb killed three people and wounded 40 others.

The body of an Iraqi army colonel was found in Basra.

Gunmen in Kirkuk killed a policeman and wounded three others yesterday. Today, two policemen were injured in a roadside bomb attack.

A U.S. base came under mortar attack in Fallujah.

In Mahmudiya, six SUVs that resembled police commando vehicles were used in the assassination of a Latifiya council member.

Dujail police reported that seven civilians were killed and two injured when U.S. forces fired upont their minibus. The U.S. military denied the reports. A roadside bomb killed one policeman and injured three others.

In al-Zubair, three Iraqi contractors were killed and two foreign contractors were injured during a roadside bomb attack.

Nine bodies were found in al-Amel.


Compiled by Margaret Griffis

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.