Wednesday: 3 GIs, 1 Briton, 116 Iraqis Killed; 33 Iraqis Wounded

Updated at 12:25 a.m. EDT, June 21, 2007

Although violence has subsided from the levels seen over the last two days, at least 116 Iraqis were reported killed and 33 Iraqis were wounded. Many of today’s reported deaths are from yesterday’s re-evaluated casualty figures. Also, one British and three American servicemembers were killed in separate incidents today.

Two Task Force Marne soldiers were killed and four more injured today in Baghdad during an IED explosion. A soldier was killed and and eight more wounded during a IED attack in Diyala province. Meanwhile, a British soldier was killed in Basra after an indirect fire attack.

U.S. forces have reported killing at least 19 more suspects during security operations in Diyala province.

In Baghdad, nine more deaths from yesterday’s bombing and 12 more dumped bodies were recorded. A four-day security operation in southeast Baghdad left four suspects dead and 62 detained. One police commando was killed and three others were wounded during an IED attack. Three civilians were injured during a mortar attack in Saidiya. The general director of the Iraq-American contracts company was assassinated in the Sleikh neighborhood. An IED targeted an American convoy in Hurriyah, but failed to cause casualties. No casualties were reported in a mortar attack in the Green Zone. Also, 29 unidentified bodies were recovered. Yesterday, mortars in Yarmouk killed five civilians and wounded six others.

During continuing clashes in Nasariya, U.S. forces killed three suspects, including a senior member of the Mahdi Army.

Four Iraqi soldiers were killed in Numaniya.

Gunmen killed the mayor of Aziziya.

Two shot bodies, one female, were found in Kut.

In Iskandariya, two mosques suffered damage during separate bombings.

A Jbela mosque was damaged during a bomb attack.

An Imam’s house was attacked in Hilla, but the cleric fled when he saw the gunmen approaching.

A suicide car bomb killed five policemen and wounded 13 others in Ramadi.

Mortars in Baquba killed two children and three women, while injuring eight others.

East of Mosul, eight Christian students and a lecturer were abducted off a minibus.

Seven policemen were killed during an attack on a police checkpoint in Khalis.

In Diyala province, six civilians were killed, two by U.S. troops, and three Iraqi soldiers were killed at a checkpoint.


Compiled by Margaret Griffis

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.