Tuesday: 72 Iraqis Killed, 58 Wounded

Updated at 1:10 a.m. EDT, June 13, 2007

At least 72 Iraqis were reported killed or found dead and another 58 Iraqis were wounded, not including dozens of newly reported casualties stemming from a weekend incident in Camp Bucca. Also, bombers destroyed a bridge on a Baghdad highway. In good news, the government in Ankara is backing off threats to carry out operations against Kurdish rebels in Iraq.

The casualties from Saturday’s mortar bombardment at Camp Bucca continue to rise. At least 40 more wounded were reported as well as another 10 deaths.

In Baghdad, a bomb in al-Resafi square killed two people and wounded seven more. In Za’afaraniya, a separate roadside bomb injured three people. A third roadside bomb wounded two people in the Mansour district. A booby-trapped body hurt one person, also in Mansour. Police found the bodies of two lawyers; the bodies were booby-trapped, but no one was hurt when they exploded. One person was killed and two more were injured during an mortar attack in the Bayaa neighborhood. Snipers killed a policemen in Karrada. In the Adhamiyah district, an IED killed an Iraqi soldier and injured three others. Three policemen were killed in Bab al-Sham. Two people were killed and six injured in Bab al-Muathim. Also, 26 bodies were found scattered throughout town.

A suicide car bomber in Ramadi killed three policemen and wounded 15 others.

In Mosul, a medical student was gunned down.

A policeman was killed in a drive-by shooting near his Hawija home. Five other policemen were injured during a roadside bombing outside of town.

Kurdistan police arrested several people in connection with the murder of a police commander near Sulaimaniyah.

The body of a policeman bearing gunshot wounds was found in Tikrit.

A Syrian was arrested near Kerbala when police discovered that his truck was loaded with explosives.

A clash that left an unspecified number of gunmen dead broke out in Baquba; a policeman and a civilian were injured during the incident.

Three people were injured during a mortar attack in Bani Saad.

Two people were injured during an roadside bombing on a highway in Diyala province.

Two men were injured during a mortar attack in Khalis. Gunmen attacked and destroyed the homes of two displaced families. Two people were gunned down. Also, gunmen shot up a minibus, killing two people and wounded four others.

In Muqdadiyah, gunmen stormed the home of a police officer. They kidnapped two of the officer’s brothers and his son. Also, the mayor’s house was destroyed, but gunmen forced the family out before blowing it up.

British forces fired upon a taxi in Basra, but wounded a civilian. City police arrested a group of men implicated in a recent spate of barber killings; one of the men was killed during capture.

In Suleiman Bek, a roadside bomb exploded near a vehicle carrying security personnel. Two were killed and an unspecified number were injured.

Six construction workers were kidnapped in Madaen.

The head of the al-Abbara police department was kidnapped during an ambush on his convoy. Two bodyguards were killed during the attack.

Two people were shot dead in Albu Azziz.

Also, U.S. forces killed 15 al-Qaeda members in an unconfirmed report.


Compiled by Margaret Griffis

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for Antiwar.com since 2006.