Wednesday: 147 Iraqis Killed, 243 Wounded, 21 Abducted

Updated at 1:00 a.m. EDT, May 17, 2007

Violence today was marked by heavy clashing in the Nasariya area and a chorine truck bomb in Abu Saida. At least 147 Iraqis were killed and 243 were injured in those and other attacks throughout the country. At least 21 people were kidnapped as well. No foreign deaths were reported, but two were injured during shelling in the Green Zone. Also, new data shows that the increase in American troops has had little positive effect on violence.

Newly released U.S. data revealed that the increase in troops has had little to no effect on violence in Iraq. If anything, the surge has changed the tactics used. Instead of small armed attacks, large-scale bombings are now preferred.

A truck bomb carrying chlorine gas killed 45 people and wounded 60 last night in Abu Saida. Police denied the use of chlorine, but many of the victims reported breathing difficulties. The disembodied head of an abducted police officer was found.

In Mosul, scores of militiamen attacked a police station and detonated several bombs; four policemen were killed and 30 others were wounded; 15 gunmen, including a Saudi national were killed during ensuing clashes. A curfew is in place, and U.S. forces have helicopters in the area.. In a separate incident, two policemen were killed as they were taking five prisoners to a hospital. The prisoners overpowered the policemen and killed them with their own weapons. A woman was killed and a child injured in a perhaps unrelated assault. .Also, a bridge on the Tigris River was destroyed.

In Baghdad, shelling killed two Iraqis and injured ten others, including two foreigners, in the heavily fortified Green Zone. In the Sheikh Umar neighborhood, a bomb near a cemetery killed one and injured three others. Four people were injured near Mustansiriyah University when a hand grenade was tossed at them. In the Mansour district, a car bomb killed one person and injured a second. Gunmen killed a police colonel in Amiriya. A mortar falling in Shurtta Khamsa injured one civilian.

Also in Baghdad, two gunmen were killed and arrested during security operations; one Iraqi soldier was also killed and 16 more were wounded. No casualites were reported after a roadside bomb in Baladiyat exploded. A U.S. vehicle was targeted with a roadside bomb, but no casualties were reported there either. Also, 30 unidentified bodies were dumped on city streets in several neighborhoods.

At a fake checkpoint in the Ghalbiya area, gunmen stopped cars and abducted 21 people.

Clashes between Iraqi forces and al-Sadr militiamen in Nasariya left nine dead and 75 wounded.

Near Nasariya in al-Shatra, four people were killed and 20 wounded during clashing between al-Sadr militia and Iraqi forces. Clashes erupted after the arrest of an al-Sadr member and spread to Nasariya.

Clashing also occurred in Diwaniya where eight civilians, two policemen and an Iraqi soldier were all wounded. The fighting allegedly began over the arrests of al-Sadr followers, but then evolved into clashing between militant groups.

Gunmen attacking an Iraqi army patrol killed two soldiers and wounded three others in Fallujah. A member of a reconstruction committee was also killed after gunmen intercepted his car. Also, seven tribesmen were killed during a suicide bombing at a checkpoint.

In Baquba, gunmen attacked the head of the Iraqi-U.S. Joint Coordination Center of Diyala Province; two bodyguards were killed and another two were wounded. A soldier died in a suicide bombing at a checkpoint.

The head of the Riyadh city council and another council member were killed when a roadside bomb exploded near their vehicle.

Gunmen firing upon a car in Latifiya killed one person and wounded four others.

In Qara Taba, gunmen assassinated a member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party.

A roadside bomb in Hawija caused no casualties; however, a second bomb injured a police officer. One person was killed and one injured during an explosion at a petrol station last night.

No casualties were reported during shelling on British locations in Basra. Policemen killed a child and injured two civilians when they fired upon civilians who were protesting lack of electrical power. Five bodies were found.

The three occupants of a concret truck were killed on a highway between Baghdad and Kirkuk.

A Yankija medical center was attacked and a member of the staff was killed.


Compiled by Margaret Griffis

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.