Sunday: 12 GIs, 1 Briton, 118 Iraqis Killed; 134 Iraqis Wounded

Updated at 12:45 a.m. EDT, May 7, 2007

At least 118 Iraqis were killed or found dead and 134 Iraqis were wounded in violent attacks today; the largest a bombing in Bagdad that killed dozens. Twelve U.S. servicemembers were also reported killed, nine of them died today. A British soldier was also killed.

Today, six GIs were killed, along with an unidentified civilian journalist, during a roadside bombing in Diyala province; two soldiers were also wounded. A patrol north of Baghdad came across a pair of IEDs; a soldier was killed and two more wounded in that incident. In southern Baghdad, another IED killed an eighth soldier. Also, a GI was killed in a non-combat related incident. Yesterday, two Marines were killed during combat operations in Anbar province. On Friday, a soldier was killed and four others were wounded during a roadside bombing in western Baghdad. Also, a British soldier who was wounded in Basra on Thursday, died of his injuries today in Great Britain.

In Baghdad, a car bomb in the Bayaa neighborhood killed 42 and wounded 70 others. Three people were killed and 11 wounded during a car bombing in Mansour. Gunmen stormed the al-Jihad area home of a policeman, killing him and wounding his six-year-old son. Another policeman was gunned down a street in Amil. In the Saydiya district. a police commando patrol came across a roadside bomb; one was killed and three injured. U.S. forces killed 10 gunmen during a raid in Sadr City; weapons were also confiscated and a torture room dismantled. The dean of the College of Education was gunned down. Also, 25 bodies were dumped in several locations.

In Samarra, coordinated attacks killed 12 people, including the city’s police commander, and 11 others were wounded. Two suicide bombers blew up their explosives while others fired mortars upon police positions. Two U.S. soldiers were wounded during clashes that followed. Militants also held a parade.

The bodies of three policemen were found in Garma.

In Kirkuk, Major General Adnan Thabit survived a roadside bomb attack on his motorcade. A school principal was killed; educators have been warned that if they continue to work, they will be attacked. Yesterday, mortars injured six civilians.

A bomb placed near the Kut home of a former Baath Party member wounded three of his sons. A policeman and an Iraqi translator were wounded in random attacks.

In Baquba, the Diyala police cheif Ghamin al-Qurayshi, escaped sniper fire, but his guard was critically wounded.

Gunmen in Muqdadiyah attacked the home of a leading Sunni Iraqi Islamic Party member. During ensuing clashes a gunman was killed and 11 others were wounded, including several civilians. An imam was shot and killed.

Clashes between U.S. forces and gunmen broke out in Haditha, but no casualties were reported.

Six bodies were found in Fallujah. A former security officer was shot and killed.

A landmine killed an oil company worker and wounded two others in Missan.

Near Hilla, a bomb wounded at least 13 people.

A member of the Khalis local council was shot and killed.

A family of four was killed by gunmen on a highway in Diyala province.

A former Baath Party member was killed in Karbala.

Compiled by Margaret Griffis

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.