Thursday: 3 GIs, 2 Britons, 82 Iraqis Killed; 70 Iraqis Injured

Updated at 7:15 p.m. EDT, April 19, 2007

Following one of the deadliest days there since the U.S. invasion, violence continued but as a slower pace. Overall, 82 Iraqis were killed or found dead and another 70 were wounded in various attacks. Three U.S. and two British servicemembers were killed in separate events as well.

The U.S. military reported that one U.S. soldier was shot and killed in southwestern Baghdad yesterday. Two more soldiers were killed yesterday during a roadside bomb blast north of the capital. Two British soldiers were killed in a roadside bomb blast in the Maysan province only a day after the British turned security of the province over to Iraqi control.

An al-Qaeda linked group claims to have killed 20 Iraqi policemen and soldiers who were kidnapped last week.

In Baghdad, a suicide car bomber drove his vehicle into a fuel tanker; the resulting explosion killed 12 and wounded 34 others. Gunmen randomly killed three people and injured two more downtown. A sniper shot and injured a woman in Sadriya. Gunmen killed two policemen and wounded three more in separate incidents in Waziriya. One person was wounded and three injured in Khadamiya when mortars landed on a house. Mortars also landed in Zaafaraniya where they killed two men and an 18-year-old girl; a six-year-old boy was wounded in the attack. In al-Ilam mortars fell but injured no one. Nobody was injured in Baladiyat when a roadside bomb was detonated. A roadside bomb injured two people in Adil. And, 23 dumped bodies were recovered from locations throughout the city.

Gunmen attacked and injured seven oil workers who were riding in one vehicle in Kirkuk.

In Mosul, an attack on a U.S. vehicle left 11 Iraqi citizens wounded instead.

One policeman was killed five others were wounded in Baquba, when gunmen attacked their patrol.

Four charred bodies were founded inside a car in Shirqat. Gunmen killed four guards and two civilians; the guards belonged to a deputy interior minister’s retinue and included the deputy’s son.

An Iraqi soldier was shot and killed in Kut.

Iraqi forces killed two gunmen and arrested a third in Diyala province.

Gunmen killed two people in Dujail.

In Baiji, one body was found, and a person was kidnapped.

A U.S. vehicle was damaged during a blast in Duluiya.

A mortar round wounded three people in Diwaniya when it landed on a house.

Joint Iraqi police and soldiers conducted security operation in Bani Saad where they killed two gunmen and destroyed a militant base.

In Khalis, police stopped a truck and confiscated 115 barrels of ethylene acid. The driver had no documentation. Six people were abducted at gunpoint from a car on the main road south of twon.

A gunman was injured during an attack at the Basra airport.


Compiled by Margaret Griffis

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.