Sunday: 11 GIs, 73 Iraqis Killed; 95 Iraqis Wounded

Updated at 12:50 p.m. EDT, April 8, 2007

At least 73 Iraqis were killed or found dead today and 95 were wounded in violent attacks. Two significant bombings occurred, one in Baghdad and the other in Mahmudiya. Also, the U.S. military reported on the deaths of 11 more servicemembers in separate incidents.

Today, three U.S. soldiers were killed in a roadside bomb attack in southern Baghdad. Another soldier died in combat in the Diyala province. South of the capital, another soldier was killed by indirect fire. A sixth soldier died in Salah ad Din province while conducting combat operations. Yesterday, roadside bombs killed four U.S. soldiers in the volatile Diyala Province and another soldier in Baghdad.

Thousands of Iraqis are streaming into Najaf at the request of Moqtada al-Sadr for an anti-American protest scheduled there tomorrow, which is the fourth anniversary of the fall of Baghdad.

In Baghdad, 17 unidentified bodies were found. Seven Iraqis were killed and 21 wounded in a suicide car bomb attack in the Illam area. In the Adhamiya neighborhood, one policeman was killed and seven others were wounded in a roadside bomb attack there. Six people were taken to the hospital after mortars apparently carrying a chemical agent fell on Sadr City. Mortars falling on Al Ma’Amil injured two people.

Also in the capital, a roadside bomb in the Mansour district killed one Iraqi soldier. Gunmen firing on a bus injured two passengers. In Amil, gunmen injured four cleaning workers. A sniper killed a person in Um al-Ma’alif.Also, U.S. forces detained three suspects in Baghdad, including a senior al-Qaeda leader, and raided Mustansiriya University.

Eighteen people were killed and 26 were injured in a car bomb attack in Mahmudiya. A three-story building collapsed and several stores were leveled in the city just south of Baghdad. In a separate event, U.S. forces detained three people near town. Mortar fire killed another two and injured 12 others.

The killing of the leader of an armed group incited more clashing in Baquba. Police killed 10 suspects and arrested four in the al-Gaton and al-Mafraq neighborhoods. The bodies of two clerics were discovered.

A roadside bomb killed an Iraqi soldier and wounded another in Fallujah. At least 13 dumped bodies were found.

In al-Samra, one gunman was killed and six Iraqi soldiers were injured during a clash.

An Iraqi soldier was killed in Hawija on Saturday.

Three policemen were wounded during a roadside bomb attack in Hilla. Police conducted raids in neighboring areas and arrested two suspects.

A roadside bomb injured three civilians in Kirkuk. No casualties were reported when a bomb went off near the headquarters of the War Veterans Society.

A rocket near the Central Institute of Teachers’ office in Halabja was defused, and no one was injured.

The British Shatt al-Arab military base in Basra was transferred to Iraqi control.

No casualties were reported when Turkey shelled an area on the Iraqi border, but the mortar attack frightened villagers in the Iraqi village of Nazdor.

In Diwaniya, 50 people were arrested during raids. Three were arrested in Kut.

A U.S. vehicle was damaged during an explosion in Duluiya.

Three bodies were found in Missan.

In Mosul, an army base and a police station came under mortar attack, but no casualties were reported.

In Diyala, clashes broke out between tribesmen and militants suspected to be linked to al-Qaeda; three people were killed and four others wounded. Five people were arrested in a separate incident.


Compiled by Margaret Griffis

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.