Thursday: 67 Iraqis, 1 GI Killed; 58 Iraqis Wounded

Updated at 2:35 a.m. EST, March 9, 2007

At least 67 Iraqis were reported killed or found dead today and another 58 were wounded in violent acts. Most of the attacks were outside the capital where it is believed that many gunmen have fled to in the wake of increased security in Baghdad. Also, the relatives of a soldier wounded in Iraq last week reported that the soldier died on Wednesday.

In Baghdad, Iraqi soldiers killed four militia members and arrested 176 others; ten Iraqi soldiers were killed and 40 wounded during the operation. Students at Mustansiriya University protested and prevented U.S. troops from raiding the campus. Mortars fell on the airport but caused no casualties. Also, 10 bodies were found in town on Wednesday and two more corpses were fished out of the Tigris south of the capital. Ten more bodies were discovered today.

In Mosul, a suicide car bomb intended for a police patrol killed four officers and wounded eight civilians as well. U.S. forces killed seven militia members and arrested six others during security operations. Also, 42 of the prisoners who broke out of the jail on Tuesday were re-arrested.

Three policemen were killed when gunmen attacked the checkpoint in Shirqat.

In Balad, gunmen killed two soldiers and wounded three at an army checkpoint. Another soldier was gunned down in a separate incident.

Two Iraqi soldiers were killed in a drive-by shooting in Hawija. A roadside bomb killed two civilians, and gunmen killed one person.

Gunmen stormed three police stations in Duluiya where they kidnapped two officers and stole all the weapons housed there. A U.S. patrol attempting to support the officers was blasted, but there is no word yet on casualties. U.S. air support blasted the are for two hours.

A car bomb wounded five civilians in Kirkuk.

Gunmen attacked an Iraqi army base in Fallujah, but no casualties were reported.

The Diyala Province governor’s secretary, Kareem Hassan, was killed near Imam Wais; a companion was also injured.

Gunmen killed a woman and injured a man in Baquba.

In Hibhib, gunmen stormed a home where they killed an older woman and her two sons.

A police officer was gunned down in Sharbin.

In the al-Aswad area, gunmen stopped a bus then killed an old man and kidnapped a young one.

A disembodied head was found in al-Hadida.


Compiled by Margaret Griffis

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.