Saturday: 61 Iraqis, 3 GIs Killed; 40 Iraqis Injured

Updated at 1:35 a.m. EST, March 4, 2007

At least 61 Iraqis were killed or found dead and 40 were wounded during today’s attacks. Three American soldiers also lost their lives when a roadside bomb blasted their vehicle.

In coalition incidents, a U.S. air strike in Arab Jabour killed seven suspected al-Qaeda members. Two gunmen were killed in another air strike, this one near Taji. At Camp Cropper, a detainee died of injuries caused by other detainees. Also, a British vehicle was set ablaze when a roadside bomb blasted it, but no casualties were reported.

An American working for a private security company was reportedly killed and two others injured near Basra when they came across a roadside bomb.

A suicide car bomber killed 12 people, including a child, and wounded 22 others at a police checkpoint in Ramadi.

In Baghdad, authorities reported that the body of a prominent journalist had been found in Wednesday. Lt. Col. Fadhil Rahim was killed in an ambush in the Adil neighborhood. A police commando was killed and another injured by a roadside bomb in the Saydiya neighborhood. A separate roadside bomb wounded three policemen and a civilian in southeast Baghdad. A third roadside bomb injured three more policemen; this one was in the Doura neighborhood. Also, ten bodies were found dumped in several neighborhoods.

A roadside bomb blasted a police convoy that was headed to Tikrit; three policemen were killed and three more injured.

In Yusufiya, six members of a Sunni family were slaughtered after receiving death threats over attending a reconciliation conference with Shi’ites.

A woman and her two children were blasted by a roadside bomb as they walked by it in Latifiya.

One civilian was gunned down and three others wounded in Hawija.

An unidentified body was discovered in Iskandariya. Mortars killed two and wounded four in a residential neighborhood.

In Kirkuk, journalist Talal Hashim Bairaqdar was kidnapped. Two bodies belonging to suspected Arab foreigners were found on a highway.

A woman and two men were killed by a roadside bomb on a highway near Diwaniya.

Six bodies were discovered scattered in farms near Baquba.

Near Khan Bani Saad, Iraqi troops killed three gunmen.

Three civilians and a police officer were killed in separate shootouts in Mosul. Two bodies were found east of the city.

Several people were wounded during an attack at a checkpoint in Fallujah.


Compiled by Margaret Griffis

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.