Friday Attacks Leave 112 Iraqis, 1 GI, 2 British Contractors Dead

Updated 11:00 p.m. EDT, Oct. 13, 2006

At least 115 people have died and 39 others were wounded during continuing violence in Iraq. Among the dead are two British contractors, the head of a special operations unit, and a religious leader. Among the injured are 12 American soldiers who were fighting in Mosul. Another soldier was injured in Baghdad. Also U.S. military officials announced the death of a GI.

The Department of Defense today announced the death of a soldier serving in the Army’s 82nd Airborne Division. He died near Tikrit on Sunday after a land mine detonated near his vehicle. In a separate incident, a soldier was injured in Baghdad, possibly on Wedenesday, according to the soldier’s family. A curfew was imposed on Mosul after a gunfight that followed a mortar attack on a U.S. base. At least 12 American soldiers were injured and 12 militiamen killed.

Also in Mosul, police said that 10 “extremists” were killed when they tried to storm the governor’s building. One policemen also died. Six others were wounded.

In Baghdad, police found 36 bodies scattered throughout the city. A curfew imposed every Friday on motor vehicles appears to be reducing the amount of car bombs exploding during weekly Muslin prayers.

Two British security contractors were killed and their driver injured when a roadside bomb blasted their vehicle on the road between Karbala and Najaf.

Hillah’s police station was the scene of a bomb explosion. Colonel Salam al-Maamuri and five others died when a bomb planted inside the building went off. Twelve others were wounded. Al-Maamuri was the head of the Scorpion squad, a special operations unit.

Near Dhuluiya, the bodies of 14 workers were found in an orchard; they were bound and beheaded. The laborers were from Balad and part of a group of 17 known kidnap victims.

Sheikh Radhi al-Assadi was gunned down near Basra. He was the head of a local Shi’ite religious association.

Near Suwayrah, gunmen killed six peasants and two children, all female, in an orchard; two other women were kidnapped. Two guards from a sewage facility were found dead in a market.

In Kirkuk, Three Shi’ite youths were gunned down next to a cigarette stand, and an off-duty soldier was killed in front of his house.

A police corporal was shot dead inside his home in Amara.

In separate events in Baquba, gunmen killed five and wounded one, including a father and his two sons.

A suicide car bomber in Mazraa drove his car into a patrol and detonated it. Three Iraqi soldiers were killed.

A morgue in Balad received the bodies of seven men who had been shot.

Near Garma, two bodies were discovered. They were shot and possibly tortured.

In Khan Bani Saad, a battle between Iraqi soldiers and militiamen left six wounded.

In other deaths, a detainee at Camp Bucca died of an apparent heart attack.

Compiled by Margaret Griffis


Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.